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  • Buyers Guides Ease Decision Making

    If you would like to buy a certain auto or truck accessory, but feel that you do not have all of the information you need to make an educated decision, you should read through our Buyers Guides. They are incredibly helpful in explaining the different features in the various available products. Do you know how a low profile toolbox differs from a crossover toolbox? Would an over rail or under rail truck bed liner better suit your needs? Which kind of tonneau cover best allows for flexible cargo sizes? Check out the buyers' guides to find the answers to these questions!

    As explained in the Drop In Bed Liner Buyers' Guide, an under the rail liner is the easiest to install. All you need to do is slide the liner into place and snap it into place beneath the rails, no extra hardware required! Alternately, an over the rail liner requires six clips to keep the liner securely in place. Both over and under rail liners are manufactured by STK and have lifetime warranties. They are a great addition to any truck, and will protect your truck bed's paint job from scratches, dents, and dings. They also have deep ridges that cushion any cargo you transport as well as make any water build up easy to remove.

    There are six separate Buyers' Guides that discuss truck tool boxes, including an explanation of low profile and crossover tool boxes. A Low Profile Truck Tool Box is not as tall as a regular tool box, and therefore will not block the view out of your rear window. A crossover tool box is positioned along the front of your truck bed and rests on your truck's bed rails, leaving space between the bottom of the box and the truck bed. These two features are not mutually exclusive, for example, Owens makes a single lid, low profile, crossover tool box in its Garrison line.

    If you read through the various Buyers' Guides on tonneau covers, you will see that a roll up tonneau is a perfect purchase for flexible cargo sizes. It can be completely closed to protect smaller cargo, or it can be rolled up from the back to the front. This leaves the entire cargo bed open, leaving room for tall cargo, and the tonneau does not have to be removed! The other kinds of tonneaus (hinged, tri-fold, snap, and seal & peel) all have specific advantages too, but for this particular need, a roll up is definitely the way to go.


  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; a day to spend time with family and friends, stuff your face with turkey and all the trimmings, watch some football, play some games, and make some memories. And once the day is over, the holiday season officially begins. Of course, some stores have had Christmas displays out since September, but I can't really get in the Christmas spirit until Thanksgiving is officially over. The day after Thanksgiving is now formally known as Black Friday, as everyone tries to get a head start on shopping. But all the crowds and lines are not my idea of a good time, so I do as much of my shopping online as possible. One of my favorite places to shop is, because they have the lowest prices and free shipping on most products. They have special deals going on all weekend for extra savings!

    Their Black Friday Auto Accessories special is savings of $20 on orders of $250 or more (shipping not included in total). Simply enter Promo Code SAVE20BLACK to have $20 deducted from your order. For example, if there's someone on your list who would love a pair of Owens GlaStep Running Boards, Black Friday would be a perfect day to buy because you will save $20!

    As for Black Friday Weekend Specials, Saturday and Sunday only you can save $10 off any order of $150 or more (again, shipping is not included) with Promo Code SAVE10150. Are there any truck enthusiasts on your list (yourself included!) who wants new Lund or STK Truck Visor? If so, you can save $10 by buying on Saturday (11/27) or Sunday (11/28).

    On Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, there are two special deals. With Promo Code SAVE15CYBER you can save $15 on orders of $200 or more (shipping not included). -OR- If you buy any Lund Brand Tonneau Cover, you will receive a Challenger Dome Lid Tote Tool Box (#5116) at NO CHARGE (a $74.95 value) when you use Promo Code LUTTG10. (only 1 Cyber Monday Promo Code valid per order). If you're looking for Cyber Monday Truck Accessories specials head to first!


  • New Ratchet Styles

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  • Truck Cab Roof Lights Shine through the Darkness

    Daylight Saving Time ended last Sunday, so now it gets darker much earlier. If you're looking to increase your truck's visibility, in the evening hours, you may want to invest in Truck Cab Lights. They mount to your truck's sun visor and make your vehicle easier to see, and thus provide a safer drive. They also give your truck a custom look that stands out during daylight hours as well.
    STK's Sunvisor LED Light Kit features five teardrop shaped lights. Each light has a low amp draw LED bulb and an amber lens. They have a slim design and are intended to fit low-profile visors like the STK ProVisor & SkyVisor, as well as many other brands of visor. These cab roof lights come complete with mounting hardware and wiring for an easier installation.
    Pacer's Teardrop Roof Lights are available in single units or an economical five pack. Each unit is made entirely from plastic and can be used for front or rear mounting. These cab lights use standard bulbs and are available with amber or yellow lenses.
    Pilot's Cab Marker Light Kits have five amber marker lights with durable polycarbonate lenses. Each individual light is 5.5-inches in length, 1-5/8-inches in height, and 2-5/16-inches in width. Wiring, connectors, mounting hardware, and switch are included for a complete, ready-to-install light kit.


  • Tonneau Covers Keep Falling Leaves Out of Truck Beds

    If you want to protect your cargo and keep nature's undesirables out of your truck bed, you need Tonneau Covers! They are perfect for all seasons. In winter they protect from ice and snow, in spring they keep out the rain and pollen, in summer they protect from the hot sun. Now, in autumn, tonneaus keep falling leaves out of your truck bed, so if you park under a tree you won't find a mess when you return. There are many different brands and styles of tonneaus so do a little research before ordering. Some popular options are detailed below.

    The Snap Tonneau Cover by Lund uses premium black vinyl that looks like leather. The cover can be opened from both the rear and the front to save you the trouble of having to unsnap the entire tonneau when you need to reach something right behind the cab. If you are worried about closing up the tonneau once it is opened, don't worry, the patented Insulsnaps are easy to align and snap shut. This tonneau also has an integrated tailgate sealer to keep the cover shut tight against the elements. The heavy-duty black powdercoated bows and rails are extra-thick to stand up to snow buildup and heavy downpours. Installation of the tonneau is relatively simple and requires no drilling.

    Another kind of Lund Tonneau Cover is the snapless seal and peel. It offers similar advantages to the snap model, but uses a different method of closing. It's similar to a sandwich bag (but much stronger), all you have to do is line up the grooves and push down, and the tonneau closes and seals tight to keep your truck protected. A rear tailgate seal is included to close the gap between your tailgate and the tonneau. Installation is easy with pre-marked rails and clamps and no drilling required.

    TorzaTops's Premier Tri Fold Tonneau is made from acrylic-dyed,vinyl fabric,the same fabric that is used on convertible car tops. If companies are using the material to protect car interiors, you'd better believe that it's tough, durable, and ultra weather resistant. This tonneau has a tri-fold design, meaning it is divided into three sections (lengthwise) that can be folded back allowing more or less coverage as you need it. For example, if you are carrying lumber, you can fold back the first section to let the lumber stick out. If you are carrying larger cargo and need more space, you can fold the front two sections back, providing more cargo space without having to remove the tonneau altogether. The folded sections are held in place by locking cam hand clamps that secure the tonneau in seconds. These cam locks and all other components are fixed so you will not lose bows, end rails, or clamps. The entire tonneau arrives pre-assembled, so you can install it in minutes and be on your way!


  • Driving Lights with LED Features

    LEDs are the newest lighting technology for vehicles. There are loads of new LED Driving Lights on the market that have exclusive LED lighting. There has also been a recent wave of products that combine more traditional lights with auxiliary LED features.

    Pilot's LED Accent Tear Drop Driving Light lets you choose between a white driving light and blue parking light in a single housing. The driving light has a 55 watt halogen bulb and the parking light is an LED. The housing is made of die cast metal and is 2.75 by 2.75 by 1.75-inches. Lenses are clear for a crisp white beam, and a preassembled wiring harness with two way mini rocker switch is included for easy installation and control inside your vehicle.

    Pilot also makes rectangular Driving Lights with Auxiliary LEDs. These lights have two sections contained in one heavy-duty metal housing. The top portion is a standard driving light with a 55 watt halogen bulb. The narrow bottom portion has five amber auxiliary LEDs that can be used as signal and parking lights. Each rectangular light is 4.5 by 3 by 2.4-inches and includes a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay and illuminated rocker switch.

    If you're looking for more options and more color, check out Pilot's Oval Driving Light with LED Ring. It has a simulated HID white driving beam with a 55 watt halogen bulb and an LED accent ring around the edge. The ring has seven different colors: red, blue, green, purple, aqua, amber, and white, so you can always have a unique look. The light's color can be changed with the flip of a switch from inside the vehicle. This oval light is 3.5 by 2 7/8 by 2.75 inches and has a sturdy metal housing. It includes a pre-assembled wiring harness and relay.


  • New Cargo Carrying Options!

    If you're looking to travel for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you may need to add extra cargo baskets, roof racks, or cargo bags to keep all your luggage, toys, games, books, and green bean casserole secure. Even if you have enough room at the start of your trip, remember that the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, and you may end up with a lot more stuff to haul home!

    Highland manufactures Car Top Carrier Bags to increase your vehicle's storage space. They are made of durable, black, waterproof material that will keep your cargo protected from inclement weather. They are very easy to load and install, due to their soft and flexible material, and fit vehicle with roof racks. When you are finished using your cargo bag, you can fold it up and stow it in the included storage bag to keep it protected when not in use. The cargo bags are available in 10 and 15 cubic feet configurations.

    Rola's Vortex Roof Racks fit most round, square, and factory OEM roof racks. It is48-inches by 37.5-inches by 4-inches and has a solid 2-piece construction. Each rack includes universal mounting hardware and an easy-to-fit custom air deflector to increase aerodynamics and keep cargo more secure. The rack has a black powdercoated finish for extra durability and has a 5-year limited warranty.

    Highland's Rooftop Cargo Basket is about the same size as the Vortex at 49.5-inches by 37-inches, but has higher sides at 7-inches. It is made of lightweight steel, so it is strong and durable, but won't weigh down your vehicle more than necessary. It fits most midsize and fullsize cars and SUVs. It uses specially designed hooks that fit into your vehicle's door frames, which are included with the basket, along with all other necessary hardware. This basket is very easy to assemble and folds flat for easy storage.


  • Check Out These New Products

    Check out these new products now available at! Curt makes universal RV Receiver Hitches that are made specifically for RVs and motor homes. They have heavy-duty frame side brackets that are separate from the rest of the model, which allows for more adjustability. They also have a secure all-frame attachment that is stronger than others. Each receiver is coated in a nice black powdercoat finish that resists rust and corrosion and stands up to the elements. There are two sizes available, with the smaller receiver fitting up to 51-inches and the larger fitting up to 72-inches. The 51-inch size is also available with a 2-inch drop.

    Phoenix now manufactures the Torrent LED Light Bar, which has 11 different flash patterns that are sure to catch people's attention. Each bar has top and bottom plates made from extruded aluminum and has 10 to 20 standard LEDs depending on the model. All models include stop/turn/tail lights and work lights with a flash function. They also include a built-in 11 function arrow stick and individual front and rear cutoffs. If you're driving in low visibility conditions, you can use the flash dimmer for better visibility. These torrent bars are available with or without alley lights, depending on your preference, and can be upgraded to plug and play. They are 59-inches by 12.25 inches and are backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

    Owens Chrome Running Board Trim can be used with any Owens ABS running board and can be used with most other brands of ABS molded running boards as well. It adds the perfect finishing touch to your running boards, giving off a nice sheen that will complement other chrome trim on your vehicle. The trim is available in multiple lengths, from 9 ft. to 17 ft. and is easy to trim down to the proper size with a razor knife.

    side bars


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