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  • Cargo Tie Downs Keep Loads Secure

    When you are transporting cargo, the most important thing to remember is safety. You should ensure that whatever you are carrying is held securely in place, otherwise it may shift or even fall out of your vehicle. This will most certainly damage your cargo, and worse, create a driving hazard to yourself and other vehicles. To keep cargo secure, it is wise to invest in Cargo Tie Downs. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and strengths, so you are sure to find the appropriate strap for your particular needs.

    The load you are carrying will determine the appropriate holding force you need. For lighter loads, less force is needed, and a Cambuckle Tie Down will most likely be sufficient. Cambuckles are very quick and easy to use. All you have to do is press down on the buckle and pull tight. The cambuckle also releases instantly, with thumb pressure to the buckle. They use Power Web Plus webbing that is 2-inches by 6 feet.

    If you're looking for a tighter holding force,then a Highland Surelok is the product for you! It keeps the easy use of the cambuckle,but has leverage that doubles its hold down force. With a Surelok, it is also impossible to overtighten, so you will not get carried away and damage your vehicle or the cargo. Each Surelok is 2-inches by 6 feet.

    If you need maximum holding force for our cargo, then you need a ratchet. They have a superstrong, vise-like holding power with precise tension adjustment. I would definitely recommend a retractable ratchet where the strap winds into the handle, because this will eliminate the tangling than can occur when the strap gets wound around itself. It also makes storing the ratchet easier, since it's much more compact. There are two sizes of retractable ratchets available: 1-inches by 6 feet and 2-inches by 10 feet.


  • The Benefits of Bed Mats

    If you're thinking about adding some protection to your truck bed, you will most likely think of bed liners first. Bed liners offer the most comprehensive protection by covering the floor, sides, and front of your truck bed, but they do have some drawbacks. First, they do not necessarily protect against dents. If you're hauling heavy cargo that shifts and falls in transit, a liner may not offer enough cushioning to prevent a dent. Second, a liner can get ruined when transporting construction materials, or any rough surfaced cargo. The liner will protect the truck bed from scratches and gouges, but it might get ruined in the process. Finally, liners can be tough on your body. If you are constantly climbing into your truck bed, or utilize it when tailgating, a liner offers only minimal padding, and can be uncomfortable to walk, sit, or kneel on. Should you ditch the liner altogether? Of course not! But you should think about adding a Truck Bed Mat. They are an economical and useful addition to any truck.

    STK's Line-A-Bed Truck Bed Mats are a very popular option. They have a custom fit for your vehicle and their thick rubber construction reduces the damaging effects of cargo. The mats are reinforced and will not crack or tear even in extreme weather. They have a ribbed surface to prevent cargo from shifting or skidding, and a knobby underside to promote aeration. The ribs run lengthwise for easy loading and unloading, and are especially helpful for small or oddly shaped items that could get caught in the grooves. Because they only cover the floor, they work great with tonneau covers and camper

    STK also manufactures a Universal Truck Bed Mats, with the same great construction and features of the Line-A-Bed Mat. With a universal mat, you can cut the mat down to the perfect size to fit your own vehicle. STK's universal mats come in two sizes: 60 by 84-inches and 72 by 96-inches.

    BedRug's Truck Bed Mats are custom made to fit specific vehicle and have two styles to fit trucks with spray-on liners, with drop-in liners, or without liners. Like bed liners, they protect your truck from snow, rain, and chemicals, and they offer the plush feeling of carpet. They have .5-inch or .75-inch carpet-like foam that provides a cushion for cargo, prevents skidding, and offers a comfortable place to sit when tailgating. These mats are easy to clean and can be vacuumed to pick up loose material or hosed off to clean off stains or spills. They are very easy to install and remove and are protected by a lifetime warranty.


  • Cut through the Fog with New Fog Lights!

    Fog Lights are a great help in foggy, snowy, or misty weather. They are designed differently from regular lights to cut through the fog and mist to provide improved visibility to drivers. They also scatter light differently to minimize the glare that can be reflected back off fog or precipitation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often mounted below the front grill or attached to top light bars.

    If you're looking for a great standard auxiliary for light, try 450 Hella Fog Lights. These rectangular lights have impact-resistant, reinforced, black ABS housing. They have bonded clear glass lenses and aluminum vapor coated reflectors. They can be mounted upright or pendant and use a single stud for easy installation. These lights are available individually or, for a better deal in a dual kit which includes 2 lamps, bulbs (H3, 12-Volt, 55-Watts), stone shields, wiring harness, switch, relay, and all required mounting hardware.

    If you would like for your fog light to be a little different or edgier, you can look into different shapes and colors. A good example is Optilux's 1672 Blue Fog Lights. These oval shaped lights have a sharp electron-blue lens that will draw attention even when they're turned off. Their shape also makes them easier to mount in smaller spaces where traditional round or rectangular light will not fit. They have a sturdy, metal housing with a die-cast matte black finish and heavy-duty mounting brackets. Each kit also includes an illuminated switch and a deluxe wiring harness.

    Another fog light option for tight spaces is the Hella Micro DE Lights. They lights are under 3-inches in diameter and are one of Hella's most popular fog lamps. They have a sturdy magnesium housing that is temperature resistant. They also have magnesium elliptical reflectors that direct the light to the clear lens for exceptional light distribution. These lights can be mounted in an upright or pendant position and are available as single lamps or double lamp kits.


  • A Mat for All Seasons

    If you are in the market for car or Truck Floor Protection, there are numerous options available. In order to narrow the field, you will need to gauge how tough you will be on the mats. If you have an outdoor job, where you will likely track in dirt, mud, and snow, you will likely need a heavy-duty mat. A great type to consider is an all-weather mat. These mats are usually made of a heavy-duty rubber that is manufactured to withstand the elements and have a heavily textured surface to trap loose dirt or rocks.

    Highland's All Weather Mats are made from premium rubber that is both pliable and durable and will endure the harshest of weather conditions. These mats won't crack or stiffen, so they will always fit the contours of your vehicle's floor. They are unaffected by gas, oil, mud, and extreme temperatures. And have a 100-year warranty. Each mat has a raised outer lip to keep debris and liquid contained on the mat and off your vehicle's carpet. Mats are easy to install with no tools required, and anti-skid spikes keep mats in place. Mats are available for front and rear seats and are sold in three colors: black, grey, and tan.

    Highland also makes All Weather Center Hump Mats to protect the carpet in the middle of your vehicle that is not covered by the floor mats. It is made from the same rubber material and is available in the same color as the floor mats to create a cohesive look for your vehicle floors. These center mats will conform to the center hump of your vehicle and stay in place with anti-skid spikes. These center hump mats are 34-inches by 16-inches and have a textured area in the center with a raised lip to contain dirt, mud, and water. They are backed by a 100-year warranty.

    Nifty's Catch-It Floor Mats are made from a tough Vyram material that resists mud, snow, and chemicals. Mats are custom molded for each application so they will match your vehicle's interior lines. These mats feature raised blocks to scrape the debris from your shoes, drip channels to direct liquids to the bottom of the mats, and a raised lip around the edge to contain liquids and spills. They are very easy to clean, just hose off and let air dry. They are available in black, grey, or tan to correspond with your vehicle's interior.


  • Hella Driving Lights

    Driving lights, or auxiliary high-beam lamps as they are also called, are especially useful when driving on rural roads or other unlit areas. They are also common on rally cars or off-roading vehicles, as well as vehicles that want to evoke this look. Hella is a leading manufacturer of driving lights and Hella Driving Lights are available in many sizes, shapes, and styles so you are sure to find one that fits your vehicle's needs.

    FF75 Slim Driving Lights are Hella's slimmest FF driving light, so they are suitable for vehicles with limited mounting room. They are only 2 1/8-inches high, but their oblong shape still guarantees a bright and clear driving light. These lights use the latest technology, including state-of-the-art halogen H7 bulbs and magnesium reflectors that are high-temperature resistant. They also have new bracket technology for flexible mounting options and a clear glass lens. The FF75 Series is SAE compliant.

    Black Magic Driving Lights by Hella give a unique look. When they are lit, they have super bright enhanced beams when lit, but are all black when not in use. They have 55 watt H2 halogen bulbs that provide clear and evenly-distributed light and watertight, high-impact ABS housing with aluminum vapor-coated reflectors. Each kit includes 2 black magic lamps,2 halogen bulbs,wiring system, in-cab rocker switch, and mounting hardware and is covered by a 1 year warranty.

    Hella's Rallye 3000 Driving Lights have blue lenses that provide a cool distinguishing feature when unlit. When in use they produce a sharp white pencil or driving beam with position light. They have reinforced ABS housing, a bonded watertight assembly, and a high-quality free form reflector. They have a very low weight and can be mounted upright or pendant style, so they are a good option if you would like to attach them to the roof of your vehicle.


  • Owens Dog Boxes for Hunting Season

    In many areas, October marks the beginning of hunting season. Many people like to go hunting with their friends, and you know who man's best friend is. If you plan on bringing your dogs on a hunting trip, you'll need somewhere to keep them. Many times there isn't enough room in the cab area, and dogs are relegated to truck beds and cargo areas. If this is your plan, it is essential to have secure Dog Boxes to keep them in, as it can be dangerous to have them walking around. Even if your dog is well-behaved and would never jump out of the bed, an accident or quick braking can prove fatal. So protect your dog with a solid, secure dog box.

    The K9 Professional Series features three great Truck Dog Boxes. These boxes are constructed of durable lightweight diamond tread aluminum that will not rust or rot like other kinds of boxes. The design includes a removable bottom tray for easy cleaning and spring-loaded, no-rattle carrying handles to make carrying, loading, and securing easier. Each box also has a stainless steel water bowl to keep your dog hydrated while in transit. A stainless steel commercial-grade latch keeps your dog secure. These three boxes have the same dimensions (36 x 24 x 29-inches) but have different points of entry, left side, right side, and end. It's a good idea to figure out exactly where you will be putting the dog box to determine which configuration is right for you and your dog.

    The Hunter Series Aluminum Dog Boxes come in a wide variety of configurations in order to provide you with the perfect dog box for your needs! They are available in single, double, and triple compartments and with tall, standard, and shallow heights, so you can get the proper fit for many sizes of dogs. They also have some specialized boxes made specifically for ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and trailers. Many of the boxes also have top storage compartments available, including crossover and "Big T" type, to give you extra room to keep hunting gear or other necessities. All boxes have large air vents for maximum ventilation, with extra vents and 4-season oversize vents also available. All boxes are made of rugged aluminum diamond tread to be lightweight, sturdy, and rust-resistant. All the dog compartments are insulated and lined with a durable plastic material to keep dogs warm in winter and cool in summer. They also have a flow-through ventilation system to keep your animal comfortable as well as removable winter door covers for protection from cold and stormy weather. They also have stainless steel paddle latches that resist rust and corrosion as well as locking compartment doors to keep your dog securely inside and prevent theft.

    If you are worried about your dogs lying in a hard aluminum box for long trips, which may especially be a concern if you have older dogs, you can invest in rubber floor mats. These mats provide additional comfort for your pet and are available in five sizes that fit multiple dog boxes. They are also removable and very easy to clean.


  • Use Door Protectors to Avoid Chipped Paint

    Use Door Protectors to Avoid Chipped Paint. You probably don't remember exactly what caused it, but all of a sudden you notice some dings and chipped paint along the side of your car or truck's doors. It's not a huge problem, but it does diminish the look of your vehicle. Luckily the damage is relatively easy to repair, but do you know what would be even easier? Avoid chipped door paint altogether with Door Protectors.

    Pacer's Slim Door Guards are 10-inches long and are designed to be placed along the edge of your vehicle's doors. They are .25-inches thick, and thus provide a small cushion that makes first contact and spares the edge of your doors. The pads are very easy to attach and require no drilling. They are available in black or silver to provide a contrast and custom-look, or if you would like a more discreet look, they are available in clear as well. The door guards come in sets of four, and can be doubled up on two door models to provider a larger protective area.

    Another area that could often use some extra protection is the door sill. This area can often become dented or chipped because it is commonly kicked into when entering or exiting your vehicle. The solution is Door Sill Plates. ICI's version is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel that is highly polished to produce a shine. Their applications are vehicle specific and provide a custom-fit. They install with automotive-grade adhesive and require no drilling. They are available in 2 and 4 piece sets depending on the specific model.

    Auto Ventshade also manufactures door sill protectors called Stepshields. They are available in custom applications for many popular trucks, SUVs, and cars. They are available in 2, 3, and 4 piece sets, depending on the application, and are available in black, grey, or tan. They use 3M Foam Adhesive Tape to install and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Protect Your Seats and Floors with These New Products

    Check out these great new products that offer interior vehicle protection. Nifty's newest product is an Elite Floor Mat that looks great while shielding your car or truck's carpeting from dirt, spills, and stains. These mats are Elite because they are made from 22 oz. ultra-soft nylon carpet that is 83% thicker than other leading brands. They combine a rich look with a soft plush feel, while including some of the great features of other Nifty floor protection. They are custom molded to fit your vehicle's contours and have a lip around the perimeter of the mat to contain water, mud, and spills. They also have carpet-safe nibs along the back sides to hold the mats in place, so they don't get bunched up. They are available in three universal colors that match the majority of vehicle interiors: black, gray, and tan.

    Coverking's Pet Seat Covers are for the rear seats of your vehicle, to protect them from pet hair and slobber. The covers are made from extra-tough, waterproof, polyester fabric. Each cover is 50 by 18 inches with 29.5-inch side protection in the front and rear. It can be modified to cover half of the back seats in case you have a small animal or need to squeeze an extra passenger in. You may also unzip for whole seat protection,perfect for a larger animal or multiple pets. These covers are very easy to install by attaching to the vehicle's front and rear headrests,and they fit both bucket and bench style seats. They are also machine washable or can be hosed off for a quicker clean.

    Coverking's Seat Back Protectors slip on over your vehicle's seats to protect their backs and keep them looking new. Bored children can leave mud or scuff marks when swinging their legs, and anyone can accidentally spill food or drink while eating in transit. The seat protectors are very easy to install and remove, using built-in elastic straps. They fold up compactly; you can store them in most seat back pockets until they are needed. They are also machine washable, so they are easy to clean after a muddy footprint pattern emerges, or a particularly nasty spill.


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