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  • CCI Chrome Accessories Add Class

    If you want to add a little class to your vehicle, it's time to turn to chrome accessories. These shiny touches will leave your car or truck looking like a top of the line model, without the high price tag that usually accompanies them. CCI is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of chrome accessories that are very easy to install. These CCI Chrome parts all complement each other so you can add the entire line or keep it simple with one or two chrome touches.
    A good place to start is with Chrome Door Handles. They add some interest to the sides of your vehicle and will start every trip out right. Your passengers will notice right away, since everyone reaches for the handle to enter the vehicle. CCI's Chrome Handle Covers are a great option because they are triple chrome-plated for maximum chrome shine, and are made of durable ABS, so they will last for years! They are very easy to install, and require no cutting, drilling, or removal of factory handles. They install with pre-applied, double-sided tape and are custom fit to match the contours of your specific make and model of vehicle.
    Once your door handles are upgraded, you can add some more chrome details on your vehicle's sides with chrome window or fender trim, pillar posts, side vents, wheel skins, and gas door or mirror covers. You may also want to add a complementary tailgate handle cover and jazz up the rear of your vehicle with taillight bezels and rear door molding. Once the rear and sides are taken care of, you'll want the front of your car or truck to shine too, and chrome headlight bezels and grille inserts can complete the look!


  • Truck Bed Liners Are A Perfect Fit

    People buy pickup trucks because they need the extra storage room. Whether moving cargo, carrying work supplies, transporting your kid's sports equipment, or stowing luggage on a roadtrip, you are bound to do some hauling with your truck. Make sure you are protecting your truck's bed from scratches, scrapes, dings, dents, and even rust with a Truck Bed Liner.

    There are a variety of styles and designs of liners available. One major distinction is whether the liner drops in or is sprayed on. In addition, some liners cover all sides of your truck's bed, and some cover only the floor. There are also varying degrees of tread height, which can affect cushioning and draining. Also, there are various materials used, including thick plastic for extra durability or a softer carpet-like feel, which is more comfortable when tailgating. Each kind of Truck Bed Protection has its own pros and cons, so figure out what your truck's individual needs are, and decide what works best for you.

    Of all the bed liners available, the STK Line A Bed Liner is a standout! Each liner is custom designed for a perfect fit in both domestic and import pickups. The liners are manufactured from high density polyethylene, so it will last for the life of your truck. They have molded in supports to ensure security when stacking cargo and their highly ribbed floor pattern promotes drainage and cushions cargo. Each liner has a skid-resistant surface and a rich black finish that looks great. Under-the-rail liners require no hardware, they snap right into place under your truck's rails. Over-the-rail liners include 6 SnapFast clips that fit into pre-slotted holes. Both over and under-the-rail liners have a lifetime warranty.


  • Roof Storage for College Move-In Day

    It's Back to School time again! For kindergarten through high schoolers, new school supplies, backpacks, and clothes are usually all that's required. If you're moving to college, however, the "needs" list suddenly gets much longer. Clothing and bedding, a mini fridge and microwave, a futon or some small furniture, you'll need a lot of extra room to haul everything. When your cargo area is packed to the ceiling, it's handy to have roof rails or a rack to add some storage capacity up top.

    Aventura Roof Rails are an excellent addition to your vehicle. They are manufactured by Perrycraft and are available in five standard lengths: 48, 58, 68, 78, and 88-inches. They are designed to be easily cut down to a custom length if desired. The rails are easy to install and are available with a black or silver powdercoat finish. For more versatility, you can attach adjustable load bars to increase your capacity and provide extra security.

    You could also invest in a roof rack, like the Dynasport Roof Rack by Perrycraft. It has a low profile, aerodynamic design that complements the contoured look of contemporary vehicles. It features high-strength tempered aluminum extrusions with UV stabilized components. Its crossbar system is fully adjustable, which allows a more precise fit, and its design is adaptable to contoured roofs. Installation is quick and easy, although some application will require cutting for proper fitment, and drilling is required to attach. Racks are available in a matte black or anodized bright finish.

    Lund's Roof Top Cargo Carrier is a large basket that attaches to most factory or aftermarket roof racks. It provides plenty of storage space and a cargo net can be attached to its sides for extra security. These carriers are available in two sizes and fit most SUVs and minivans. They are made from black powdercoated steel and no drilling is required for installation. With all these new storage solutions, you'll have enough room to bring everything on your list. Be careful though, you may find your dorm room overstuffed, and be packing up that new roof rack with non essentials to send back home!


  • New Bully Products Have You Covered!

    These three new Bully products provide extra coverage for your truck! What do they cover? Brake lights, hitches, and that pesky gap left by your open tailgate.

    A Brake Light Cover gives a unique and edgy look to your vehicle while also drawing extra attention to the brake light. Each cover is constructed of automotive-grade ABS plastic with durable triple chrome plating. It can be a great accent to other chrome accessories, especially chrome taillight covers or other rear-end accessories. This brake light cover is designed for a custom fit and installs in minutes using 3M adhesive tape.

    Bully's Propeller Hitch Cover features four silver propeller blades that actually spin as you drive. There are two models available, one with a plain black hub, and one with a red lighted hub. These covers fit most 1.25-inch and 2-inch standard receivers and their whimsical design makes them a great addition to any vehicle.

    The Tailgate Gap Cover is invaluable if you often haul dirt, rocks, sand, or similar materials in your pickup truck. It covers the space between the truck bed and tailgate when the tailgate is down, preventing loose cargo from spilling through or getting caught in the gap. It also provides complete coverage, so cargo won't damage the ends of your bed or tailgate. The gap cover also provides a smooth transition from bed to tailgate, so pulling or wheeling out heavy loads is easier. The gap covers is made of durable construction-grade ABS and is weatherproof, so it will stand up to all weather conditions your truck may drive through.


  • Pillar Posts Add A Perfect Chrome Touch

    Have you ever gazed at your auto or truck while it's sitting freshly cleaned in your driveway, or given it a good look while walking towards it in the parking lot and just felt like it was missing something? In many cases, a small accessory can make all the difference. For example, clean and shiny Chrome Pillar Posts add a gleam of chrome along the eye line of your vehicle. This extra touch can heighten your auto or truck's look in minutes, adding a perfect final touch that will leave your vehicle looking complete.

    ICI's Stainless Steel Pillar Posts are made from premium 304 stainless steel or exclusive Proflex PVC. There are over 100 vehicle specific styles to choose from containing anywhere from 2 to 10 pieces based on the vehicle's design. All pieces use 3M automotive grade adhesives, and no drilling is required. You can install these pieces in minutes, giving your vehicle a brand new look in no time at all.

    QMI's Stainless Pillar Posts are made for your specific vehicle's make and model, and thus require no trimming for installation. Each kit contains pre-cut, highly polished stainless steel panels that have double sided tape already applied. Simply peel off the backing, and press onto your car or truck: no drilling required! The number of pieces included varies based on the style of your vehicle.

    If you can't find pillar posts designed for your specific vehicle, U-Cut's
    Universal Pillar Posts can be used on most any vehicle. Each kit includes 5 pieces of shiny chrome that are 5 by 24-inches and two pieces of clear styrene for making patterns. Using the pattern pieces, you can design your own pillar posts, then cut the design out of the ABS pieces, and install on your vehicle for a total custom look! The chrome finished pieces are made of PVC plastic and are scratch resistant and UV protected. They install with 3M adhesive backing for a strong bond that requires no drilling.


  • New Lighting Options Increase Safety

    Rear end collisions are a common type of accident and are often caused by vehicles following each other too closely. They can also occur because of improper lighting, like when lights are damaged or burned out. You can avoid this by checking your vehicle's lights regularly to ensure that all bulbs are properly lit. You may also want to invest in add-on lights for your car or truck. Additional Tailgate Lights, reverse lights, and signal lights can increase visibility and improve safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

    APC's LED Tailgate Light Bars mount to the tailgate of your truck and can be used as running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights. They use LED technology for brighter lights, a faster response, and longer life. All bars have red LEDs and white LEDs are also included on models with reverse lights. These light bars feature a durable and water-resistant construction and are available in 49-inch and 60-inch lengths. They have a quick plug and play installation and mount with automotive-grade tape.

    Another rear end lighting option is specially designed for driving in reverse, a common source of accidents. Bully's Backup Lights mount on any 2-inch ball mount and are very easy to install. They turn on whenever your vehicle is in reverse and can also be activated by a switch on lights. The lights are 70 watts and are housed in a protective, high-impact ABS enclosure. They can stay in place when towing, so there is no need to remove.

    The turn signals on taillights and headlights are beneficial for vehicles behind and in front of you,but they can't be seen by vehicles on either side of you. Side lights can solve this problem, but if they are placed too low, surrounding drivers may lose sight of them. For this reason, side mirror lights have become popular. Pilot's Side Mirror LED Lights increase visibility and displaying your intentions when you are turning or changing lanes. Their long-lasting LEDs have over 100,000 hours of life and have the traditional amber color associated with turn signals. They have a simple 2 wire hookup and mount with 3M adhesive.


  • Happy Shark Week!

    This week is Shark Week, an annual celebration of sharks that began in 1987 on the Discovery Channel. You can carry over the shark enthusiasm to your vehicle by adding some cool new shark-like accessories. Add a series of air vents along your vehicle's side fenders to mimic a shark's gills. Or for a more direct imitation, get the look of a shark's dorsal fin with a new roof antenna that slices through the air as you drive. Pilot's Shark Fin Antennas are a perfect addition and will add some style to your vehicle's roof line. They are constructed of black chrome-plated ABS, giving them a sleek, alluring sheen. They mount with pre-applied automotive-grade tape and require no drilling or wiring. They have a universal fit and will look great on any vehicle.

    Side air vents are great accessories with a bit of a shark like feel. These vents are placed on the sides of vehicles, usually between the front fender and front door. They started out on high-end vehicles, with the vents allowing hot air from the engine to be released, which provides a cooler engine environment. However, as more drivers warmed to the idea of side vents and wanted to get the look of a high-performance vehicle, vents became more of a cosmetic accessory.

    Side vents are currently having a resurgence in popularity. If you'd like to get in on the trend, take a look at Bully's Universal Air Vents and Universal Fin Air Vents. They are of the cosmetic variety, giving your vehicle a sleek,simulated high-performance look. They all have a chrome-plated finish that gives off a nice shine, and are a great complement to other chrome accessories on your vehicle. They have a simple peel and stick installation and use automotive-grade adhesive to keep the vents firmly in place. They are available in a variety of styles and have a universal fit, so take a look at all the design and see which looks best on your vehicle.

    With these new accessories you can pay homage to your favorite ocean predators, give your vehicle a cool new look, and celebrate shark week all year long!


  • New Bully Steps is now carrying Bully products! Bully manufactures all sorts of fun and useful accessories. They make high quality cargo securing and carrying products for hauling, decorative air vents and light covers to change up your vehicle's look, backup and mirror lights for extra safety, and Bully Steps for easy and access to your truck.

    Bully's Truck Bed Side Steps are constructed of anodized cast aluminum. They can be installed on the passenger or driver's side for easy access, and they support up to 300 lbs. You may want to invest in two steps, one for each side, for maximum convenience with front cargo organizers or gull wing toolboxes. The steps flip out and lock into place when in use, and flip back underneath the truck when not in use to stay out of the way. Each step includes heavy-duty, integrated mounting brackets that are finished with a black powdercoating for extra durability. Some drilling may be required for installation.

    Bully Side Steps are manufactured from 3-inch stainless steel tubing and have a polished finish so they will add a little shine action to your vehicle. Each step has a step pad made of non-slip, high-impact plastic, so you can get a good grip on the step in all weather conditions. The steps are mountable to your vehicle's chassis using the included brackets, which are made of die cast T-6 aluminum for durability. Each step is adjustable to different heights,so you can position the step at the appropriate distance between the ground and your truck. These Bully steps are sold in pairs,so multiple sets will be needed for 4-door cabs.

    Bully Tailgate Hitch Steps fit all 2-inch hitch receivers and provide an extra step up to your truck's tailgate. The steps are great when you want to grab something out of truck bed, but don't want to lower the tailgate and climb up. They can also really come in handy when you are unloading or loading supplies, as you can save a lot of time by taking a quick step up onto the hitch step each time. In addition, the step swings out far enough to serve as an extra step up to the tailgate, which can really help out on high trucks or for shorter people. The step itself is made of 1/8-inch thick stainless steel, making the step plate extra durable and able to hold up to 400 lbs. The step rotates a full 180 degrees, so it can swing out and be pushed back for easy storage. The step can also lock into place when in use for extra stability.


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