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  • Grill Guards Give Front End Protection

    Grill Guards are a great addition for any vehicle that goes off-roading or just needs a fiercer look. They enhance the overall look of your vehicle while protecting the grill, bumper, and headlights from damage. Steelcraft's Front Runner Grill Guards are made of high-quality 304 polished stainless steel or of black powdercoated steel. They have a solid one-piece construction, so there are no weak points on the frame. This grill guard is easy to install with no drilling required and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the polished guard and a 5-year warranty for the black guard.

    The Go Rhino Grill Guard is constructed of high-quality welded steel and is custom fit for your vehicle. It has a black powdercoat finish to protect from stains and rust and required no drilling for installation. This grill guard's pre-drilled cross bar allows multiple add-on accessories to be mounted. It also exclusively features a 2.25-inch Stepguard cross bar, which offers convenient access to your vehicle's hood and engine. The Stepguard is compressed into the steel to retain the steel's strength while still providing a solid stepping surface. Wraparound Brush Guards with contoured 1.25-inch tubes are also available for some models. Each grille guard has a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty.

    Steelcraft's Custom Grille Guards feature a solid, welded one-piece construction that is specially designed to resist rattling in all driving conditions. These grille guards bolt directly to your vehicle's frame using existing holes, and thus require no drilling to install. They are available with black powdercoating (which is applied in a 5 stage process for durability) or with highly polished stainless steel. Matching taillight and rear bumper guards are also available for a cohesive look and all around protection for your vehicle.


  • New Truck Accessories!

    New Truck Accessories! is always updating its inventory to bring you new and exciting products from all your favorite accessory manufacturers! First up, a Valley Factory Replacement Harness is perfect for replacing worn or corroded factory trailer wiring. It is less expensive than buying OE parts from the vehicle manufacturer and most harnesses are very easy to replace yourself: simply unplug the factory harness and plug in the replacement. All wiring and necessary hardware is included and kits are available in 6-way and 7-way wiring.

    The new Curt Hitch Basket provides additional cargo capacity for vehicles with 2-inch receivers. The basket is 60 inches by 20 inches, providing plenty of space for coolers, beach chairs, boxes, light luggage, and any other extra cargo. The basket's sides are 6-inches high and keep your load protected and stable while in transit. These baskets are easy to assemble and install onto your vehicle's hitch. They are also easy to detach when not in use, or with model CU18131, you can fold the basket up and out of the way with the included folding shank. Each basket has a durable black powdercoat finish to protect from the elements and keep it looking strong and rust-free after years of use.

    There are also three new Owens RaceMates trailer accessories available. The diamond tread patterned license plate cover can give any vehicle a tough, edgy look. It fits all standard license plates and is made of heavy gauge aluminum for long lasting dependability. It matches other RaceMates diamond tread accessories, for a total cohesive look, and looks great individually too! The wall mount cigarette disposal containers are a great way to keep your trailer and the surrounding area smoke free and cigarette litter in check. The containers are 9-inches by 3-inches by 6-inches and are constructed of aluminum with a diamond tread pattern. They include a wall mount and removable cigarette waste holder and have the words "Butt Box" or "No Smoking" (your choice!) written beneath the cigarette disposal hole. There is also a new diamond tread peg board available that can be used to organize all sorts of equipment. It is 22.5-inches by 46.5-inches by .75-inches and is made of sturdy aluminum. It is easy to install on a trailer or garage wall and includes a flange for easy mounting.


  • Cargo Securing Necessities

    If you're hauling cargo in your truck this summer, it is essential to have the proper gear to keep your cargo safe and secure while in transit. At a minimum, you will need bungees or straps to hold your cargo down, and some anchors to keep those bungees or straps secure. For heavy and super heavy loads, it is important to have high-quality, heavy-duty anchors, as well as the super-strong holding power provided by ratchets. Highland is a leading producer of both ratchets and Anchoring Systems that are at the tops of their classes in strength and durability.

    Highland's Bull Ring Anchor Points are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and provide a safe way to tie down and secure cargo in your truck's bed. The anchors are retractable, so they will not get in the way when not in use, and they are very easy to snap up and push down. They have a universal fit and require no drilling for installation.

    The Force Control Towing Ratchets by Highland are 1-inch by 6 ft. and have a 600 lb. weight capacity. They have a dual control ratchet, which controls its tightening force to prevent damage from cargo that can occur from over tightening. They also have an override button, so you can use them as a traditional ratchet too, which provides more holding force.

    Highland's Universal Anchoring System is the world's strongest anchor system! Each anchor is comprised of an eyelet and a layered plate that requires no drilling to install. The eyelet is super strong and durable,made of die-cast zinc, and can be removed when not in use. The plate's top layer is made of stainless steel and is sized to fit all vehicles with stake pockets. The middle gasket is sturdy yet soft to prevent scratching on the painted truck surface. The bottom has two stainless steel heavy-duty anchor plates that provide an exact fit for your truck. Also included are screws and a mounting stud that are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion. The eyelet and top plate have a nice shiny finish so they will look great even when not in use!


  • New STK Visors and Lights

    STK manufactures popular truck bed liners, bed mats, and cab guards, and has recently started producing Truck Visors. The ProVisor is STK's newest visor, and is custom designed for each application. It features an aerodynamic design and durable fiberglass construction. All necessary mounting hardware is included for an easy installation. These visors are available painted to match your vehicle's OEM paint color, and include paint-to-match caps to cover screws and give a complete painted finish.

    A great new add on accessory for the ProVisor or any other visor is the STK Sunvisor LED Light Kit. It has five sleek, low-profile, teardrop shaped, amber LEDs. The LEDs give a low amp draw and are very low maintenance in comparison to other kinds of bulbs. The lights will draw extra attention to your visor, and will help make your vehicle more visible at night, for a safer driving experience. This light kit will fit both the STK ProVisor and SkyVisor along with most other sun visor brands, and comes complete with all necessary mounting and wiring hardware.

    STK's SkyVisor was introduced earlier this year, and has become a popular visor choice. It is available for a wide variety of trucks, vans, and SUVs, and is custom designed for each application. It has a modern, aerodynamic design that promotes smooth air flow and reduces high speed wind noise. It is delivered ready to install with all mounting hardware included. The SkyVisor also arrives already painted to match your vehicle's factory paint color, for the same cost as many other brands' unpainted visors, a great deal for sure!


  • Great New Products!

    More great new products are now available at! First up is U-Cut's Bulk Material, which exemplifies the U-Cut motto of  "U Design It, You Cut It, You Install It". The rolls of material come in various lengths and widths, and can be used anywhere you want a little extra shine. They are made of PVS plastic with a bright chrome finish that is scratch resistant and UV protected. Installation is easy with no drilling required, as the material has a 3M adhesive backing to keep it securely in place. This bulk material is much more cost effective than buying individual customized chrome pieces: you can make your own rocker panels, rear door or tailgate molding, pillar posts, and more!

    Also new are universal Bed Mats for Trucks manufactured by Bedrug. They are 66 by 98-inches (you can cut to fit your truck's exact dimensions) and are made for trucks with a drop-in plastic bedliner. The mats are made from a polypropylene material that withstands chemical spills, inclement weather, and heavy cargo. Their 1/2-inch thick carpet-like foam padding is great for fragile cargo and makes a comfy place to sit as well. The carpet is also non-skid and keeps loads from shifting. The mats are very easy to clean and are easily removed to clean around the truck bed as well.

    Another great new product is Wolo Outer Limits. It uses generation III LED technology and has a heavy-duty, low profile design. Its 24 LEDs flash in eight different patterns which are controlled by an interior control panel. The light bar is held in place by adjustable magnets that are covered in rubber to prevent scratching. A cigarette lighter plug with internal fuse and 10 ft. of heavy-gauge cord is included to power the lights. This light bar is waterproof and will stand up to all weather conditions, and the LEDs are very low-maintenance because there aren't any bulbs to burn out. Outer Limits light bars are available in three colors: amber, blue, and red.

    Wolo Outer Limits LED Mini Light Bars


  • Add Excitement with Hood Scoops

    If you'd like to transform your vehicle's plain hood into a high performance looking hood, you should invest in Custom Hood Scoops. MVS Hood Scoops are made from high impact ABS plastic. They are available in three styles, a large single scoop, medium twin scoops, and large twin scoops. They can be painted to match your vehicle's factory color for a seamless OEM look.

    JSP Automotive Hood Scoops are constructed of high quality injection molded plastic. They have a double scoop design, called an e-scoop and fit most cars and trucks. They arrive primed and ready-to-paint and have a bolt-on installation.

    Lund's Cowl Induction Hood Scoop is a backwards facing simulated intake scoop that is designed specifically for trucks. It is constructed of durable heat-resistant ABS and can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle. No drilling is required for installation, which uses only concealed 3M automotive-grade tape.

    MVS Hood Scoops


  • Great ATV Accessories!

    If you own an ATV there are plenty of ATV Accessories available to enhance your ownership experience. ATVs aren't cheap, so you want to take good care of them and get as much use out of them as possible. Covers will protect them when they're being stored or transported, specialized ATV boxes provide extra storage for anything you might need while riding, and ramps make loading and unloading your ATV safe and hassle free.

    Coverking's new ATV Covers are made from Silverguard, which is a 300 denier polyester fabric with a reflective and water resistant coating. They are great all-around cover that protect from the sun and from light to moderate rain. The covers are double stitched for extra strength and have elastic hems and grommets for a more secure fit. The covers are easy to install and remove and are available in small and large sizes and fit ATVs with or without racks.

    An ATV Storage Box can store tools, hunting gear, supplies, even snacks! Deflecta Shield's Challenger model is constructed of rugged diamond plate aluminum to make it rustproof and more durable. Its black powdercoat finish resists cracking and fading and minimizes reflection from the sun, so the shine won't distract you while riding. This box features black stainless steel latches with double post hooks for extra security and a gas assist shock for easy opening. Drain and ventilation holes are built-in for better air circulation and easier cleaning. An installation kit is included to mount the box onto your ATV's rack.

    Highland's Ramparts Bi-Fold Utility Ramps make it easy to load your ATV into your pickup truck. They are manufactured of rust and corrosion resistant aluminum and welded together in a sturdy design that adapts to fit varying widths. The ramps have a 1400 lb. capacity and have adjustable attachment straps to hold them in place while loading. They fold up for easy storage and have a 3 year limited warranty. These ramps are available in two sizes and are great for loading snowmobiles, lawn equipment, and motorbikes too.

    Highland Ramparts Bi-Fold Utility Ramps


  • Extra Room for a Road Trip!

    Extra Room for a Road Trip! A long weekend is coming up again, and it's the perfect time to head out on a Road Trip! The destination is, of course, the highlight of the trip, but the trip itself can make for some fun family bonding time too! If you're prepared, you can keep the "Are we there yet?" refrains to a minimum by bringing along books, snacks, and games and telling stories. Make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the long trip too and that you have enough room to store everything you've packed. You might want to leave a little extra room for souvenirs you pick up along the way. If you're afraid you won't have enough space in your vehicle, there are plenty of storage options that keep cargo securely stowed and out of the way.

    If you have a truck, you can move luggage and other cargo to the truck bed and keep it protected with a Lund Tonneau Cover. Tonneau Covers are a great addition to any truck, as they keep cargo protected from inclement weather and out of view from potential thieves. They also can improve gas mileage by reducing tailgate drag, which can really be noticed on long trips. Hinged tonneaus are a great choice because they allow quick and easy access to the truck bed. Lund's hinged tonneau has heavy-duty gas struts so only one hand is needed to lift and close the tonneau. It also has a "slam-n-scram" latch that latches instantly when closing the cover. This model also has pre-marked rails and clamps for an easy no-drill installation and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    If you don't have a truck,but need extra storage space,a roof rack can be a great solution. The Perrycraft SporTrek Roof Rack's crossbars and stanchions are made of high-strength tempered aluminum extrusions and have UV stabilized components to stand up against the hot sun. The patented SporTrek system also allows its tracks to pivot, which provides a better match for your vehicle's contours. Its crossbars are adjustable, and are very easy to reposition to precisely fit the varying loads you'll carry. This roof rack is also easy to install with pre-drilled components, self-sealing screws, and adhesive roof slats. You can install, adjust, and be on your way with no hassle!

    Another great storage option is a Heavy Duty Storage Bag from Lund. It's manufactured from waterproof PVC material with heat-sealed seams and reinforced zipper flaps for a water-tight construction. This bag holds over 11 cubic feet of cargo and is a great place to keep extras that won't fit into suitcases. It keeps loose items all together, making unloading and unpacking easier. The entire bag fits easily into most stationary and folding hitch baskets and has durable polypropylene straps to keep it loaded securely.

    Perrycraft SporTrek Roof Rack


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