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  • Celebrate Bike Month!

    May is National Bike Month, so this upcoming long weekend presents the perfect opportunity to hit the trails! Biking is a wonderful pastime that allows you to get a little exercise and spend some time in the great outdoors. You can pedal in solitude, share the experience with family and friends, or perhaps bond with your furry companion. Neighborhoods across America are becoming more bicycle friendly, but many areas aren't quite there yet, so you will need to take your bike on a little drive to a more bicycle friendly environment. Make sure your bike is protected while in transit with a Bike Carrier.

    Highland's Sportwing Hitch Bike Rack mounts in your vehicle's hitch. It has foam pads to protect your bike's frame and rims quick-release cradle straps to reduce bike sway. Your bikes can be locked to the safety chain brackets to keep them safe from theft. These carriers are available in aluminum or steel, and can fit two or four bikes depending on the model. They are very easy to assemble and have release lock pins, allowing easy removal and storage.

    If you don't have a towing receiver, then a Truck Mount Bike Carrier is a great option. Rola makes a great model that holds up to three bikes and fits most sedans, hatchbacks, and station wagon without spoilers. It has six securing straps to mount the carrier to your vehicle and individual plastic cradles with rubber straps that hold each bike securely. Quick release cam locks make assembly and adjustments easy, and the carrier folds flat for easy storage.

    Another popular location for bike carriers is on your vehicle's roof. The Mont Blanc Barracuda is one such mode that has a great design that is easy to use. It arrives completely assembled and is easy to install. Pre-fitted snap attachments fit the carrier to the roof bars,and can attach to various kinds of load bars. Bicycle wheels are fitted in specially molded wheel trays,keeping them secure and steady. The trays also make loading much easier, as bikes stay upright without support. This leaves both your hands free to secure the bike, lowering the possibility of the bike toppling over and damaging you, your vehicle, or the bike itself.

    Mont Blanc Barracuda Bike Carrier


  • Make Some Noise with Air Horns

    Air Horns get their name from their sound source: air pressure. A compressor pressurizes the air, and when it is released through the valve, a high decibel sound is produced. Air horns are most often found on emergency vehicles because they produce such a loud sound, but they also can be used on non-emergency vehicles too. They come in a variety of sounds, from a train to a turkey to the song "Tequila"!

    If you're looking for a more classic sounding air horn, then the Bad Boy Air Horn is a great model for you! It uses the latest in air horn technology with a dual tone air horn in a one piece design, and with no hoses required. It produces a sound twice as loud as factory horns with 118 decibels. Its compact size makes it a great Motorcycle Air Horn, and it fits in tight places in cars and trucks as well. It mounts with one bolt and installs in minutes. A heavy-duty maintenance-free compressor is included, and horns are available in black or chrome.

    Wolo's Musical Air Horn plays a snippet of a popular song whenever you honk your horn. 14 popular tunes are available with three to six durable plastic trumpets, depending on the song. Available horns include the "Cavalry Charge" (3 trumpets), the "Wedding Song" (4 trumpets), "La Bamba" (5 trumpets), and the Star Trek Theme (6 trumpets), among others. Each musical horn kit includes a heavy-duty maintenance-free compressor, relay, and all mounting hardware.

    The Philly Express Train Horn by Wolo features four trumpets and a mounting base that are all chrome-plated. It also has a heavy-duty chrome-plated electric solenoid valve, nylon high-pressure hose, brass fittings, and stainless steel mounting hardware. This horn's smaller design makes it easier to fit into engine compartments that cannot accommodate full-size train horns. It requires an on-board air system, which is sold separately.

    Wolo Philly Express Train Horn


  • Protection in Rear End Collisions

    Almost one third of all multiple car crashes are rear end collisions. You can avoid the dented bumpers and smashed taillights if you plan ahead with Rear End Protection. Bumper and taillight protectors will minimize the damage that can result from rear end collisions with other vehicles, or the occasional mishap when backing up. Rear end protectors are also beneficial for vehicles that are used off-road. Apart from these practical uses, they also give your vehicle a cool, more rugged edge.

    Steelcraft's Rear Bumper Guard has a double bar design with 1.5-inch tubing and .25-inch side plates. It has a custom one-piece construction for extra durability and has either a black powdercoat or 304 polished stainless finish. The black finish tends to blend with darker colored vehicle finishes, so if you want to emphasize your bumper guard, stainless steel may be the right choice for you. Likewise, the stainless steel blends more on white, silver, and other lighter colored vehicles. An alternative to the rear bumper guard is Steelcraft's Rear Sport Tubes. The sport tubes feature one thick tube that spans the length of your vehicle's bumper. It is available in highly polished stainless steel and is custom fit for your vehicle's make and model. It offers additional protections and is designed to work with most factory hitches.

    Taillight Guards are a great complement to rear bumper guards or sport tubes. They also keep your taillights protected, while adding a tough, rugged look to your vehicle. Steelcraft's models have a solid one piece construction with .75-inch tubing and 5/16-inch rods. They have either a highly polished stainless steel finish or a low-gloss black powdercoat finish and are sold in pairs. Their styling is more European, in contrast to Romik and T&H's more traditional designs.

    Steelcraft Rear Bumper Guard


  • New Products for May

    New products are now available for purchase at! Valley's Adjustable Ball Mount has an infinitely adjustable height: set it anywhere from a 7.5-inch drop to a 6.25-inch rise. The selected height is automatically retained by a spring clip. The ball mount is 13-inches in length and has a 1-inch ball hole. It has a 5,000 lb. trailer weight rating and a 500 lb. tongue weight rating. It's a great purchase if you need a mount with height flexibility.

    Supersprings's Suspension Stabilizers take a bit of work to install, but with this new Installation Tool, it's much easier and safer too! The tool compresses and holds the spring pack for an easier installation and is especially handy when installing non-tapered springs on one ton and heavier trucks. It is made from high strength galvanized steel and is acme threaded with a hex head spindle.

    With Perrycraft's Fiberglass Mounting Kit, it is now possible to attach Perrycraft roof racks and roof rails to fiberglass or composite plastic surfaces. Finally roof rails and racks can now be mounted to truck caps, camper shells, and tonneau covers. Each kit contains stainless steel machine screws, washers, nuts, and plastic caps to cover the nuts. There are three different kits available to be used with the three Perrycraft designs: Aventura Rails & Racks, Dynapsort Rails & Racks, and SportQuest & SporTrek Racks.

    Valley Adjustable Height Ball Mount


  • Light Up Your Vehicle

    LEDs or light emitting diodes are the latest in lighting technology. They are smaller, last longer, and use less energy than comparable incandescent bulbs. They are a great investment for their light qualities, and have the added bonus of giving a little sporty flare to your vehicle. They also keep you on the cutting-edge as they are an emerging technology. Apart from the traditional headlight and taillight uses, they can also be used to light up and enhance many different parts of your car or truck, providing a unique look.

    LED Light Tubes can be used in wheel arches to give an exciting custom look. At night, your wheel wells will light up with amber, blue, or white LEDs, giving your vehicle some extra flash. These tubes can also be attached to the sides of running boards. This can be beneficial while driving, giving the sides of your truck or SUV more visibility. Also, you and your passengers will always be able to see the running boards and make a safer step into or out of your truck at night. The LED tubes chrome ends give a slick look during the daytime as well. The tubes use a simple two-wire hook-up and come in 17 or 36-inch lengths.

    Another great place to use LEDs is around license plates. Pacer's LED License Plate Lights have 12 LEDs for maximum plate illumination! They use a simple two-wire hook-up and install using factory license plate bolts. They come in blue or white light and are perfect for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, and RVs. They are a great addition to other LED auto accessories, and are a nice starting accessory as well.

    An Under Car Light Kit is the ultimate in add-on LED accessories. Pacer undercar light kits have 2 36-inch LED tubes and 2 48-inch LED tubes that have special reflector tubing that directs the light, providing an even dispersal along the length of the tube. Also included are a master control panel for inside the vehicle, a remote control to use when outside the vehicle, and mounting hardware. There are three kinds of undercar kits. The first comes in either red or blue and has 6 changeable modes, including always on and flashing modes, and is the most economical option. The second has super-bright blue LEDs, and is the brightest undercar kit available. The third offers the most lighting options, scrolling through seven colors in 9 different modes. Whichever you choose, you are adding an impressive accessory that will set your vehicle apart from the rest!

    Pacer Undercar Light Kits


  • Terrific Tailgate Additions

    A tailgate is a prominent, yet often forgotten component of pickup trucks. The truck bed has liners, mats, rails, bars, and the all important tonneau cover for protection, but what about the tailgate? Bed mats protect the floor of the bed, but cargo may still shift and scratch or dent the tailgate. Tonneaus will protect your bed and precious cargo, but seepage may still occur around the tailgate if it's not cared for properly. So show a little love for your tailgate and have a look at some of the great tailgate accessories available.

    Lund's Tailgate Seal keeps dust and water from sneaking into your truck bed. It is made of high quality EPDM rubber and is 10 feet long. You can cut it to whatever lengths you need to fit, and install it with 3M adhesive tape. Its cut-to fit design makes it usable on all makes and models. To protect your tailgate from daily wear and tear, it's a good idea to get Deflecta Shield's Aluminum Tailgate Protectors. They cover the tailgate completely and wrap around the top edge for full coverage. They are manufactured of heavy-gauge aluminum so they will not peel, pit, or rust. These protectors are application specific, so they are designed exclusively for your truck's make and model. They have a highly polished diamond tread finish, so they add a little shine, but still look tough. The tailgate protectors are very easy to install, using the included stainless steel fasteners, and have a limited one-year warranty.

    Another way to keep your tailgate looking shiny and new is to take it completely off and replace it with a Tailgate Net. Lund's turbo tailgate nets are made of galvanized tubing and heavy-duty vinyl polyester, and they will not sag or tear even under rough conditions. The net's holes are small enough to keep your cargo secure, while providing increased air movement to reduce tailgate drag. They feature telescoping poles and a pin system that requires no screws or fasteners for installation. The nets also fold up, so they can be stored easily when not in use.

    Highland Turbo Tailgate Nets


  • Bull Bars Give Rugged Protection

    Bull Bars are a great addition to any truck or SUV. Their main purpose is to protect the front-end of your vehicle from damage that can occur during front-end collisions with animals or other vehicles. They are also very useful when off-roading: they help protect your vehicle from the scratches and chips that can be caused by stones, branches, and the rocky terrain. Bull bars are also a great place to mount additional lights and complete your truck or SUV's off-road look.

    Steelcraft's Bull Bars have a 3-inch diameter, making them extra-strong and dependable. They are made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel tubing, with either a polished or black powdercoated finish. A polished steel or black powdercoat skid plate is also included to provide extra underbody protection. All mounting hardware and instructions are included to make installation as easy as possible. These protective bars will definitely give your vehicle a rugged, finished look!

    If you like the protection provided by bull bars, but want something a little sportier, then Sport Bars are the right accessory for you. Steelcraft manufactures some great sport bars that are smaller and sportier than their previously mentioned bull bars. The sport bars are made of 2.5-inch diameter 304 stainless steel tubing with a polished finish. No skid plate is included, which makes sport bars a more economical option.

    Another popular type of bull bars are Romik's Style Bull Bars. These unique bars have a soft polyurethane shell surrounding a steel core. The steel provides a solid, protective base, and the polyurethane shell makes the bars safer for pedestrians. These bars have a little give and can be pressed and squeezed, but will always return to their normal appearance and shape. They come in silver and can be painted any color to contrast the color of your vehicle.

    Steelcraft Bull Bar


  • Battle the Rage

    Road rage has become a growing phenomenon as Americans spend more and more time in their vehicles. When you are well into the second (or third) hour of your evening commute, you are likely to get frustrated more easily, and engage in acts of aggressive driving. To avoid the temptation, try to keep a calm environment in your auto. It's easy to get frazzled when you're digging under your seat looking for your sunglasses, or fumbling through your pockets to pull out your cell phone. Keep all your needed items in one place with a skat mat. Listen to some music or a favorite radio program to keep you engaged, yet pass the time. When your commute lasts well past dark, have a convenient Map Light to shine some extra light on written directions. All of these simple accessories can help maintain a calmer environment, to keep you focused and relaxed.

    Wolo's Power Play MP3 Player Horn is an all-in-one amplifier and speaker system. It connects to iPods, MP3s, CD players, camcorders, TVs, and radios using a plug-n-play adapter and blasts your songs, podcasts, or other audio with its powerful 40 watt speaker. It's perfect to use in your vehicle, and can also be used in your home or office because a 12V DC plug and an 110V AC adapter are included. The Power Play is housed in a weather-resistant case for extra protection and includes a 1 ft. fused power wire for engine compartment installation.

    Pacer's Universal Non-Slip Skat Mat can be used in many different places. It can be used to line utility shelves and toolboxes to keep cargo and tools from scuffing and scratching. It can be used on front dashboards, rear dashboards, or even the passenger seat to keep cargo and needed items from slipping and sliding or falling onto the floor. You won't have to dig under your seat for your sunglasses, cell phone, or MP3 player! The skat mat is 3 ft. by 4 ft. and is easily trimmed with scissors, so you can cut it to fit exactly where you need it.

    Hella's Map Lights have flexible gooseneck arms that can be bent in any direction to put the light exactly where it needs to be. They use optically patterned lenses, which provide a bright, dazzle-free light. The light is operated with an on/off switch on the top of the light head. There are two types of map light: permanently mounted and removable. The permanent mount version requires hard-wiring and includes two screws to attach the light base to your vehicle. It uses a single xenon bulb, and includes a replaceable red lens to preserve night vision in very dark driving conditions. Two sizes of a gooseneck arms are available, 7-inch and 19-inch, and both have a flexible arm clip to hold the arm when not in use. The removable map light is powered using a plug that inserts into your vehicle's cigarette lighter/DC outlet. It uses a single halogen bulb and has a 6.25-inch long gooseneck arm. It is small enough to be kept in your vehicle's glove box or storage bin when not in use.

    Wolo Power Play


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