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  • Useful Towing Accessories

    There are quite a few inexpensive accessories that can make towing simpler and more hassle-free. Hitch aligners and interchangeable hitch balls can save time, and hitch lock boxes offer an additional way to use receivers. All three provide an economical way to get more out of your existing towing accessories!

    The Valley Hitch Aligner is a hitching aid for all kinds of trailers, including fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers. It quickly lines up your trailer without assistance, using heavy-duty magnets to attach the trailer and the hitch. With this accessory, you can get it right on the first try and avoid the annoyance of having to exit and reenter your vehicle multiple times to check on the alignment. This hitch aligner extends up to 42-inches and collapses down to 13.5-inches for easy storage. It has a nice chrome finish that resists rust and corrosion.

    With Valley's Adapt Hitch Ball Sets, you can change your trailer hitch ball size in seconds, without the use of any tools! They also feature a new design that keeps the pin inside the ball so that it can''t be lost. These sets have either two or three chrome balls with 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, or 2-5/16-inch diameters. Shank diameters are .75-inch or 1-inch and shank lengths are 2-3/16-inch, 2.25-inch, or 3.25-inch. All sets have an 8,000 lb. gross load rating.

    The HitchSafe Lock Box System provides a safe and convenient place to store small items like keys or extra money. The lock box secures inside a 2-inch receiver and is retained by two hitch pins. It is easy to install and even easier to use, with the ability to choose your own combination. The box is made entirely of metal for extra durability and a rubber dust cover for the combination dials is included.

    Valley Adapt Hitch Ball Set


  • Get Your Truck Bed Organized

    Your pickup truck bed is meant for hauling cargo: tools, work gear, sports equipment, even groceries, your truck can (and does) carry it all. To get everything transported safely, securely and in a more orderly fashion, check out these great Truck Bed Organizer accessories. Highland's Cargo Bar is a universal bar that is available in three different styles. All three are designed for easy installation, prevent the shifting of cargo, and feature rubber end pads to hold bars in place without scratching your vehicle. The standard cargo bar adjusts from 40-inches up to 74-inches with just a twist. The ratcheting cargo bar adjusts from 40-inches up to 70-inches using a ratchet system to provide the right tensioning needed to secure heavy-duty loads. The cargo bar with net adjusts from 40-inches to 74-inches and features a cargo net that hangs down from the bar to keep smaller items securely stored.

    Loading Zone's Truck Bed Cargo Gate is a great accessory for securing cargo in your truck's bed. It features heavy-duty side brackets that allow the gate to be positioned anywhere along the truck bed. It has three horizontal bars separated by metal gridding, which cover a much wider area than a single bar. The grid holds the cargo securely while letting air flow through, and preventing more malleable objects from sliding through the open spaces between the bars. This cargo gate requires no additional assembly or mounting and is very easy to use: just lift, lock,and load! Multiple gates can be used to divide your truck bed into sections,keeping heavier items from mixing with (and wrecking!) more fragile cargo, or for easier organization. These cargo gates are made from non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel and fit a variety of trucks, as well as some van and SUV models.

    Highland's Truck Cargo Net covers the area of your pickup truck bed, preventing cargo from falling out due to high speeds or quick stops. The net is very easy to install and holds up under extreme weather conditions. Some shifting of cargo may still occur, but rest assured that all cargo will stay safely contained in your pickup bed. The Deluxe model is 60-inches by 78-inches and has wide netting to prevent cargo from becoming tangled in the net. The Heavy-Duty model has a tighter woven net with smaller holes, adjustable straps that allow for a tighter fit, and an adjustable end section that folds up to fit shorter truck beds.

    Highland Truck Bed Nets


  • Electric Horns Emit Great Sound!

    Wolo is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of vehicle horns, including air horns, Electric Horns, and specialty horns. They make high-quality, dependable horns in a variety of sounds, from a traditional car "beep" to an extra loud truck horn, to a cow's "moo". So whether you want something conventional, or are willing to shake it up and let out a moo, Wolo manufactures the perfect horn for you.

    Wolo's Juke Box Musical Car Horn plays 34 different pre-programmed songs, so you will never get tired of your vehicle's horn. The songs include classic children's songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle,Little Star", movie themes like "Rocky", Christmas songs like "Jingle Bells", show tunes like "Hello Dolly", folk songs like "La Bamba", and many more! This horn was designed to work like a keyboard, and a music book is included so you can add a song of your own to the horn. This horn produces 110 decibels of musical sound.

    Wolo's fun horn makes the old time vehicle "OOOGAH" sound and is sure to put all eyes on you! It features two terminals and a heavy-duty motor. It easily installs into any vehicle and produces 114 decibels of fun sound.  So if you want an attention getting horn sound that harks back to the "golden age" of classic automobiles, this is the horn for you!

    Wolo's Disc Horns have an attractive chrome grill that looks great on any car, truck, or motorcycle. They have a solid steel construction that keeps horns working through all weather conditions. They also come with a heavy-duty mounting bracket that makes installation a snap! These disc horns emit a powerful 110 decibels of sound, so they are sure to get people's attention. They come in either a high tone or low tone model, so choose what is right for you.

    Wolo Juke Box Horn


  • New Phoenix Wheel Simulators!

    Wheel simulators are a cost effective way to add some extra shine and polish to your truck! is now carrying four great lines of Phoenix Wheel Simulators.

    Phoenix DOT Liner Wheel Simulators are manufactured from T304L stainless steel for high durability with protective rolled edges for better handling. Lugs do not need to be removed for installation, and all installation hardware and instructions are included. In addition, use of these DOT Liners will not violate the chassis manufacturer'™s warranty.

    Phoenix CustomLiners are sold in complete sets and mount on your vehicle's existing rims. They feature a protective rolled edge for additional strength, and under-the-lug mounting for a perfect fit. They are constructed of highly polished stainless steel and have a 3-year limited warranty.

    Phoenix Quickliner Wheel Simulators have an apt name because they are very quick and easy to install. They have a secure, snap-on, do-it yourself mount, that does not require any lug nut removal. They are made of stainless steel that is polished to a shiny mirror finish.

    Phoenix Uniliners give the look of expensive aluminum at a fraction of the cost. They feature under-the-lug mounting and a rolled edge for extra strength and handling safety.

    Phoenix UniLiner Wheel Simulators


  • Trailer Tongue Boxes Provide Extra Storage Space

    2010-07-07 18:13:06
  • New Emergency Equipment From Wolo!

    New Emergency Equipment From Wolo. Wolo has released new products for 2010! Among the new products, there is an assortment of accessories designed specifically for emergency vehicles, including strobe lights, strobe power supplies, electronic emergency sirens, and siren speakers.

    Wolo Lightning Plus Strobe Lights feature six powerful, clear strobe lights with 6 different flash patterns. Strobes are designed to install in headlights, side marker lights, and taillights, and are enclosed in rock hard epoxy to avoid vibration and moisture. A heavy-duty 120 watt power supply that uses the latest technology is included, as well as wiring and mounting hardware, control panel,and easy-to-follow instructions.

    Wolo Lightning Strobe Lights have four strobe lights for headlights and taillights. They have an epoxy enclosure to stop vibration and keep moisture out. An 80 watt power supply provides power and a control panel allows you to choose from six different flash patterns. All wiring and mounting hardware and instructions are included. Strobe lights come with four red, blue, amber, or clear lights, or in a variety of color combinations.

    Wolo's "The Deputy" is a multi function emergency siren and P.A. System. It has three different functional siren sounds: wail, yelp, and hi-lo. The Deputy also has an override switch with two additional sounds, a fast yelp siren and air horn, to attract instant attention. It also has a P.A. system with a noise-canceling microphone that delivers a clear sound with no feedback and squeals, and can be wired to the radio for rebroadcast. The Deputy's casing is black enamel painted metal and has an LED illuminated front panel. A 6 ft. power harness and adjustable swing mounting bracket are included, but a speaker must be purchased separately.

    Wolo Lightning Plus 6 Strobe Light Kit


  • Hitch Steps Give an Extra Boost

    Hitch Steps are useful accessories that provide more access to some hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle. On trucks, hitch steps allow easier access to the truck bed and can also aid in the loading and removing of ladders from ladder racks. On SUVs and cars, they make cargo carriers, bike racks, and other roof-mounted accessories more reachable. Hitch steps can also be a great help when washing and waxing your vehicle, as you can cover more space, especially on roofs and upper windows. Phoenix's 3 Point Hitch Step is a great addition for any truck. It mounts virtually anywhere, and is especially suited for corners. It's movable, holding position at 0°, 90°, and 180°, so you can choose the right step up angle for your particular needs. The step also rotates out of the way,staying hidden underneath the truck bed when not in use.

    Go Rhino Xtreme Hitch Steps not only give you an extra step,they also alert you when your vehicle's rear gets too close to another vehicle or other object. This sensor really comes in handy when you are in reverse, as you may not be used to the extra inches the hitch step extends out. Xtreme Steps are constructed of the highest quality steel and measure 29-inches across. They fit all 2-inch receivers and include a 14-inch slip resistant step pad for extra grip. They plug directly into OEM wiring and come complete with an anti-rattle device and black storage bag. These hitch steps are available in black powdercoat finish with a 5-year warranty and polished stainless steel with a limited lifetime warranty.

    Another Go Rhino Hitch Step is the Step-N-Tow. This innovative step allows you to tow without removing the hitch step! The bottom plate installs on the ball mount, underneath the hitch ball, and the top piece bolts over the bottom. It's very durable and easy to install with all hardware and mounting instructions included. The step is made from a high-grade aluminum alloy and has a ribbed top to prevent slipping. It is available in black powdercoat and polished stainless.

    Go Rhino Step-N-Tow Hitch Step


  • Keep April Showers Out with Window Visors

    Window visors, vent visors, wind guards, Rain Guards, all these names refer to the same product. They mount above your vehicle's side windows, allowing windows to stay open, and increasing cabin comfort. They are useful to have in inclement weather, as the visor will block the rain from entering your vehicle. On a muggy day or on a long drive, it's great to be able to let a little fresh air in while keeping your car or truck protected from rain. You can also keep your windows cracked when leaving your vehicle parked, reducing heat build-up. The visor blocks the open window from sight, so your auto won't be an easy target for thieves. Visors also reduce glare from the sun, providing a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. All of these benefits from one simple accessory: whether you call them rain guards or vent visors, they are definitely a worthwhile addition to your vehicle!

    AVS manufactures many different kinds of window visors. The In Channel Ventvisor is a popular option. These visors mount easily to your vehicle's inside window channels. They provide greater visibility because there is no leg to block the side view mirrors. Installation is easy, using 3M automotive-grade tape, and no drilling is required! The tape provides a snug, secure fit, and no exterior tape touches your vehicle. The visors are constructed of durable reinforced acrylic, and come in 2 and 4 piece sets. They are a dark smoke color, which looks great on all vehicles, or for a more streamlined look, they can be painted to match the factory color of your auto or truck.

    For a different look, try a gleaming Chrome Window Visor. These AVS visors have the original Ventvisor design with a shiny upgrade. Each visor has a durable chrome-plated finish that complements both factory and aftermarket trim. Visors are installed using automotive-grade tape for a secure fit.

    Wade's Slim Windguard is designed using state-of-the-art computer technology for a perfect fit. This sleek design reduces wind and driving noise. Windguards are made from high gloss smoke acrylic and can be easily painted to match factory vehicle colors. They attach with 3M automotive tape and are available in 2 piece or 4 piece sets.

    Auto Ventshade Chrome Ventvisors


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