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  • High Tech Carbon Fiber Accessories

    2010-07-07 18:13:05
  • Sun Visors Reduce Glare, Elevate Style

    Sun visors are great accessories that enhance the look of any vehicle they are attached to. They help to reduce sun glare, which can be a hindrance to all drivers. Sun visors are primarily made for trucks, vans, and SUVs, because their higher seating often makes the glare off of the preceding car's rear even worse. If you have long drives or have been blinded by dazzling sunlight, a Sun Visor is the right accessory for you.

    STK's newest products are Truck Sunvisors that are custom designed for each application. They have a modern, aerodynamic design that looks great while promoting smooth air flow and reducing wind noises that occur at high speeds. STK's Sunvisors are painted to match your vehicle's factory color at no additional cost! Their included mounting hardware also contains color matched caps, which will give your visor a sleek, finished look.

    Lund also manufactures quality sun visors. Their Sunvisor II model features a new, patented, rounded design that matches today' vehicles. They are made from durable fiberglass with a white gelcoat finish. Visors can also be painted to match your vehicle's factory color for an additional $125. For enhanced nighttime driving, a Euro Style LED Light Kit is available separately, if desired.

    The Lund MoonVisor is similar to the Lund Sunvisor. It is made of solid fiberglass with a white gelcoat finish and can be painted to match factory vehicle covers for an additional $125. It mounts to your truck,van or SUV's roof with self-tapping screws and has a patented airflow design that follows your vehicle's contours. Exclusive to this visor are built-in, recessed running lights. They are a great addition for driving at night or in inclement weather. Their light bulbs are easy to replace, and their wiring harness is concealed under the lip of the visor, so sleek lines aren't sacrificed!

    STK Truck Sunvisor


  • Work Van Security

    2010-07-07 18:13:05
  • Take Care of Your Tires!

    It is important to maintain the proper pressure in your tires. Having the wrong Tire Pressure decreases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, causes uneven tread wear, and may even impact your breaking distance. It is important to routinely check your tire pressure and make sure that it is within the range specified by your auto manufacturer. Newer models will indicate when your tire pressure is low, and pencil style gauges can give you an exact number. However, both these methods have their downfalls. A single light indicating low tire pressure only alerts you when a problem already exists, and does not show exactly how low your tire pressure is. A pencil gauge requires crawling around by your tires, and of course, there is always the possibility of user error. There is a much simpler and efficient way: a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

    A tire pressure monitoring system constantly tracks tire pressure, and makes this information available to you. Hella's model comes complete with 4 sensor valves, a central data unit, a color display, a harness,and a user's manual with mounting instructions. The sensor valves replace each tires regular valves and transmit tire pressure (in psi and bar units) and temperature (in °F and °C) data to the central unit. The central unit passes this data on to the display, where you can see and monitor the information. The display gives you constant feedback on the status of your tires, so you will always know when additional air needs to be added. The display is very easy to read and has a changeable background color to better match the interior lighting of your auto. The display also can track each tire separately, with the option for adding up to three additional sensors to track trailer or spare tires. If a sudden loss of pressure occurs, an air symbol, warning symbol, and acoustic alarm all activate. Sudden pressure loss may indicate overheating tires or a blowout, both serious problems that often lead to accidents. Having an alert system gives you more time to can slow down and pull over, decreasing your accident risk.

    It is also important to monitor the tire pressure of your spare tire. When you have a flat, the last thing you need is to have problems with your spare, so remember to check that your spare is in good condition so it is ready when you need it. If your spare is located on the outside of your vehicle, it's a good idea to have a Spare Tire Cover. An exposed spare tire is more susceptible to the elements and can also clash with the lines of your vehicle. Highlands cover is made of durable, water-resistant vinyl. It has a soft cloth backing inside and an elastic perimeter to hold the cover in place. The covers are black and are available in two sizes.

    Hella TC-400 Tire Pressure Monitoring System


  • Truck Bed Protection: Bed Rails and End Caps

    Now that your bumpers and doors have been taken care of, it's time to pay a little extra attention to an area that is probably most susceptible to dents, dings, and scratches. The truck bed protection is often used to haul the most heavy-duty cargo, so it needs some heavy-duty protection. The bed floor is an obvious area for protection, but many people forget to protect the tops of the bed too. To protect these areas you need bed rails or rail caps or both. Bed rail caps fit snugly over the top of your truck bed to protect the paint underneath. Bed rails serve a similar function; they do leave more paint exposed, but they can also be used to help secure cargo. For the ultimate protection, you can use bed rails in conjunction with bed rail caps, along with front and tailgate caps.

    ICI's Truck Bed Rails are made of high quality 1.9-inch 304 stainless steel tubing. The rails mount in your truck's stake pockets for a quick and easy installation. They are custom-fit for specific makes and models, and have a shiny, chrome-like mirror finish. The bed rails are sold in pairs and have a limited lifetime warranty.

    Wade's Truck Bed Rail Caps are manufactured of a high-impact ABS material for the ultimate protection. They are easy to install, using 3M automotive tape, and are designed to give a factory-installed fit. They have a nice smooth finish and are available with or without holes for the truck's stake pockets. Bed rail caps without holes give a sleeker look, but if you would like to add bed rails, then you will need the stake pockets accessible. These bed rail caps work well with truck caps, tonneau covers, and under-rail bed liners, so you don't have to limit your accessories. For a complete look, matching tailgate and front end bed caps are also available. All have a limited lifetime warranty.

    If you desire a more rugged look, Deflecta Shield's Aluminum Wrap Bed Caps are the way to go. They are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum with a tough diamond plate finish that will not rust, pit, or peel. These bed rail caps are vehicle specific, so they follow the contours of your truck's year, make, and model. The caps also wrap around the ends, for additional protection. They are available with or without stake pocket holes in a polished aluminum or black powdercoat finish. They are quick and easy to install with stainless steel fasteners and have a limited one year warranty.

    ICI Custom Fit Tubular Bed Rails


  • Avoid Dents and Scratches with Vehicle Protectors

    Avoid Dents and Scratches with Vehicle Protectors. If you want to keep your auto looking its best, then you may want to invest in vehicle protectors. Specialized protectors are designed to fit the most commonly damaged areas of your vehicle and safeguard them from dents, dings, scuffs, and scratches. The most at-risk areas include those around the doors, trunk, or hatchback, due to their repeated opening and closing, as well as areas that protrude out farthest, such as front and rear bumpers. Keeping these areas blemish-free can keep your car looking brand new no matter what its model year is!

    Powerflow's Bumper Protector installs on the top of a vehicle's rear bumper. This is an area that can be dented or scratched fairly easily, with repeated loading and unloading of the trunk or hatchback. This protector shields this vulnerable area with an attractive, textured black surface that does not fade. It is manufactured from OEM material and installs with 3M automotive-grade tape, so no drilling is required. The bumper protector is available in two sizes that will fit most vehicles,so be sure to measure your bumper before ordering!

    Pacer manufactures an entire line of high-quality vehicle protectors to preserve the paint job and good looks of your auto. Their Full Width Bumper Guard Kit is a do-it-yourself kit to protect the entire edge of the bumper. Many bumper protectors protect only the corners of the bumper but with this kit, a streamlined, wrap-around look is achieved. The bumper guard is made of black flexible molded rubber with a smooth finish. It easily conforms to curved bumpers and uses strong acrylic adhesive, so there is no need for drilling. The bumper guard is 13 feet long, enough to be used on both front and rear bumpers, and 8 rounded end caps are included to give a factory-installed look.

    Pacer also makes door guards to protect your vehicle's door edges from potential dents and chips. No matter how careful you are, you will at some point open your car door into something, so door guards are a smart purchase. Pacer's Slim Door Guards will protect door edges and add a custom look to your auto. They require no drilling to attach, just press on and you're done! They are available in three colors: black, silver, and clear, so you can decide which would look best with your vehicle's paint and trim. Door guards are 10-inches long and come in sets of 4.

    Pacer Full Width Bumper Guard Kit


  • Get a Flashy Front-End with Billet Grilles

    Some auto manufacturers have distinctive grille designs to distinguish their brand from the masses. Jeep, BMW, and Volvo grilles all have a specific look, so if you only see the grille, you know what car is attached. Jeep has even sued over the right to have an exclusive grille design. So why is so much importance placed on grilles? For starters, they're on the front of the vehicles, so they're one of the first things that are seen. So perhaps you should take a page from the auto manufacturers and pay some attention to your vehicle's grille. There is a wide array of Custom Billet Grilles available to add some shine and style to your vehicle front.

    The Lund Bar Billet Grille is a great option. It is manufactured from premium T-6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum. This grille has a classic design featuring close-set bars and has more bars than competitive grilles for better looks and strength. Cutting-edge laser technology is used to cut the grille, providing unmatched precision and quality. Each grille is application specific for a perfect fit and has a nice polished finish, producing a great shine.

    CCI's Chrome Grille Inserts are another idea for upping your flash factor. No bolting, drilling, or cutting is required because the inserts are manufactured to snap on right over the factory grille. They are made of triple chrome-plated ABS and are application specific designs. They are the perfect add-on look, without any of the work because they are so quick and easy to install!

    Precision Grille's line of EZ Grilles is manufactured with easy installation in mind. The EZ Solid Designer Series melds easy installation, solid construction, and a unique design for the ultimate billet grille. These grilles are custom-designed for a perfect fit for your vehicle's exact year, make, and model. They are made from a solid .25-inch thick plate of T6-6061 billet aluminum for increased rigidity, strength, and durability. Grilles are cut on both sides, providing cleaner, better gapped lines, which make their unique designs stand out even more. These grilles are covered by a 3-year warranty and are proudly made in the USA.

    Precision EZ Solid Designer Starburst Billet Grille


  • Achieve Total Cargo Area Organization with the Cargo-Logic System

    The cargo area of your SUV can get pretty messy. Anything that you don't want dirtying up your seats usually gets tossed back into the cargo area, but what if you want that area to stay organized and clean too? Nifty has designed the perfect system to achieve that very goal. It is called Cargo-Logic, and it features liners, loks, and totes to protect your cargo area from dirt, spills, and general disorder.
    Cargo-Logic Cargo Liners are durable, stain-proof mats that are designed to fit your specific SUVs cargo area. They look and feel like carpet, but are extra durable and feature a heavy-duty thermoplastic liner to protect from dirt, snow, water, and other liquids. The liners are very easy to clean: just hose off and let dry. They are scuff and scratch resistant, pet-friendly, and have a limited lifetime warranty against cracking and splitting. A raised outer lip contains spills, and if you want to reduce the likelihood of spills altogether, use Nifty Cargo-Logic Cargo Loks! Cargo Loks can be used to stabilized just about anything you have in your cargo area. Their bottoms have Velcro hooks, which will attach anywhere on the cargo liner and hold securely. This keeps cargo from colliding, sliding, and tipping over. Two loks come with each cargo liner, and additional loks can be purchased separately.

    You can keep everything orderly and upright with Cargo-Logic Totes. Made of water-resistant black material, these totes can keep groceries or other supplies organized and easily transportable. The totes have rigid plastic inner panels to maintain a rectangular shape and removable dividers to easily compartmentalize. Four bags of groceries fit perfectly, and using the two carrying handles, you can move all of your groceries from your SUV to your counter in one trip! Cargo-Logic totes fold up flat, so they won't take up space when not in use, but they easily pop out when needed. So lay down your Cargo-Logic liner, fill your Cargo-Logic tote, and put a Lok at each corner (or push against the back seat and you'll only need two loks) and see how orderly and tidy your cargo area can be.

    Nifty Cargo-Logic Tote


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