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  • What A Wide Range of Towing Receivers

    Whether you're hauling a trailer with your truck, adding some extra cargo space to your SUV, or loading up your bike on your car for an afternoon of riding, a trailer hitch is a necessary accessory. Many people only think of towing receivers as a component for the heavy towing of trailers, boats, or cars, but they have other uses too. Valley's Front Mount Towing Receiver is a standard 2-inch receiver that provides a secure attachment on the front of your vehicle for cargo carriers, winches or other accessories. It is rated up to 500 lbs. tongue weight and 9,000 lbs. line pull. It has a corrosion-resistant, black polyester powdercoat finish and is very easy to install.

    Valley Stealth Hitch Receivers are ideal for cars and SUVs that are towing small trailers or for hitch accessories like bike racks or cargo carriers. The receivers stay completely hidden from view by your vehicle's bumper, maintaining the vehicle's sleek lines. They have a solid, one-piece construction and are powdercoated with black polyester paint to resist corrosion. These stealth receivers are easy to install with no welding necessary, the hitch simply bolts on.

    Curt Trailer Hitches are well-known for their high quality. They feature Weather-Tite construction,which uses state-of-the-art robotics for the ultimate rust-resistant seal. The receiver tubes have open back ends, which lets dirt and moisture pass right through and not get trapped inside. The open end also makes cleaning much easier. Receivers are de-scaled, powdercoated, then baked for a smooth, high-gloss finish. They are available in a variety of styles: class I to class IV, concealed or exposed, square or round tubing, and drill or no-drill installation.

    Valley Front Mount Hitch Receivers


  • Gold Medal Auto and Truck Accessories

    2010-07-07 18:13:03
  • Inhibit Injury to Interiors with Floor Protectors

    Last week 49 of the 50 states had snow on the ground. Snow on the ground means snow (and salt!) on your shoes, which can be tracked into your car, damaging your vehicle's carpeting. Once the snow starts melting, slush and mud are the usual culprits. So how can you protect your auto from all this moisture, mud, and salt? Invest in some quality floor protection to keep your carpets safe, clean, and looking like new!

    Nifty's Catch-It Floor Mats are an ideal form of protection. They are constructed of Vyram, a tough material that resists mud, snow, and chemicals. They have a series of raised blocks along the sides to scrape debris off your shoes, and central drip channels to direct liquids to the bottom of the mat, away from your shoes and clothing. A raised lip keeps the liquid from spilling onto your vehicle's carpet. Catch It Mats are very easy to clean, just rinse off with a hose. They are custom molded to fit specific vehicles and come in black, gray, and tan.

    If you like the carpeted look, Nifty has a different product that will fit your needs. The Catch All is just as resilient as the Catch It, but has a plush OE nylon carpet surface, so it will blend into your vehicle's interior. These floor guards are custom molded to match your vehicle make, model, and year, providing a perfect fit. Catch Alls have a moisture barrier that prevents seepage, and an electronically welded heel pad (on driver's side) for extra durability. The floor guards also have a patented snap fastener system to keep them securely in place. The Catch All offers great protection and great style, is available in three colors, and is made in the USA.

    It's also a good idea to protect your vehicle's cargo area. After some slides down the hill or a romp with your dog, you don't want a snowy sled or pet ruining your rear carpeting. Highland All Weather Mats are the perfect solution. The cargo mats are super durable and will not stiffen or crack. They have a textured surface to trap snow and dirt and to keep cargo from sliding. The cargo mats also have multiple raised lips to keep moisture and grime on the mat, not spilling over the edges onto your carpet. They are available in black tan or gray, and are made in the USA.

    Nifty Catch-All Premium Floor Protection


  • Car Alarms Keep You Safe

    Car Alarms are a great way to get attention, or in some cases, avoid attention. They can deter thieves, express the need for help in an emergency, or make pedestrians aware of your presence. In any of these circumstances, alarms lead to greater safety, which is always desirable, and sometimes even life-saving.

    The Lawman by Wolo is a great Remote Car Alarm. It has built-in adjustable motion/shock sensor anti-scan electronics as well as a current-sensing arming delay that prevents false triggering from electrical cooling fans. The transmitter emits a piercing alarm when activated and can be turned on manually in an emergency situation. It has an LED warning light to indicate that the alarm is activated and the vehicle is protected. It produces an audible chirp when arming or disarming alarm, so potential thieves will hear that your vehicle is protected. Alarm comes with a mini key chain transmitter, for convenience, and radio frequency is FCC approved.

    Another Wolo Car Security Alarm is the Autokeeper. It is very easy to install with a one-wire power connection. The Autokeeper has a built-in motion/shock sensor, and can be activated for the transmitter in panic mode. When activated, an audible beep sounds every ten seconds to indicate that the vehicle is protected. The alarm also produces a sound when activated and deactivated so you will know the alarm's status. The Autokeeper has a built-in electric turn-off timer, so the alarm will sound long enough to deter thieves, but will shut off to minimize annoyance. Two mini key chain transmitters are included, and alarm is FCC approved.

    Another type of alarm that can keep you safe, albeit in a different way, is a Talking Backup Alarm. Wolo's backup alarm announces in a clear voice, "Attention Please! This Car is Backing Up!" to alert surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. This warning is especially useful in parking lots where there are many pedestrians, as it can help prevent dangerous accidents from occurring. It can also come in handy to you, as you will now have a verbal reminder when you are traveling in reverse: no more driving into your garage door because you thought you were in reverse! This alarm is easily installed into any 12-Volt Vehicle, and is also available with the warning message translated into Spanish.

    Wolo Lawman Alarm


  • Valentine's Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast

    Show the man in your life that you really love him by getting him a thoughtful Valentine's Day present. Guys are said to be hard to shop for, but it's really not too hard. What does he love almost as much as you? His vehicle! So check out some great Valentine's Day Auto Accessories.

    If he loves fast, sleek, stylish cars, Chrome Wheel Skins are the perfect gift. CCI's wheel skins fit over the vehicle's steel or alloy wheels transforming them into impressive and expensive-looking chrome wheels. They are made of triple chrome-plated, high-impact ABS and are very easy to install. They come in 4 piece sets, and are available in over 100 styles.

    If he has a truck or SUV and wants a more rugged look, Grab Handles, are a great choice. Manufactured by Highland, they are 11-inches long and made of stainless steel. They can be mounted next to doors to give you something to hold onto when climbing into a tall truck or SUV. They are the perfect accent, and will make any vehicle look tougher. The grab handles come in pairs with all mounting hardware included.

    If he would rather be fishing and has a great sense of humor, the Fishermon Truck Antenna will definitely amuse him. This tuned antenna insert will make his vehicle's antenna look just like a fishing pole! It is 31-inches long and fits most cars and trucks. The original Fishermon is made of stainless steel and has working guides. New additions to the line include a black fiberglass spin rod,a black fiberglass bait cast rod,and a silver fiberglass ice fishing type rod. So whether he could use a little shine, needs to get a grip, or should have a laugh, remember that auto and truck accessories are the way to go this Valentine's Day!

    CCI Chrome Wheel Skins


  • Get Ready for Six More Weeks of Winter with Protective Rocker Panels

    Get Ready for Six More Weeks of Winter with Protective Rocker Panels. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last Tuesday, and predicted six more weeks of winter would befall us. Are you ready, and more importantly, is your vehicle ready? Winter weather can make commutes longer and tougher, and can leave your auto with unsightly salt buildup. Salt buildup can lead to corrosion, making your car or truck vulnerable to rust. There are two solutions to this problem: Move to a warmer climate, or invest in protective Rocker Panel Molding.

    ICI or Innovative Creations Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Rocker Panel protection. Their panels are constructed of premium quality 304-grade stainless steel. They have over 1,000 individual applications, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your vehicle. The rocker panels require no drilling to install, they are mounted with high-performance 3M 4229 adhesive. They will also protect from rock or gravel as well as chipping and peeling of paint. They are both functional and stylish, a perfect pair.

    If you have a truck, love the look and protection of your rocker panels,and want Tailgate Inserts that match, ICI has you covered. Tailgate panels are made from polished T-304 stainless steel and are custom-fit for each truck. Like the ICI rocker panels, they require no drilling, and are mounted with 3M industrial tape. They are a great addition to any truck and in combination with rocker panels, present a sleek all-around look.

    Another rocker panel option is manufactured by U-Cut, and promotes individual customization. U-Cut's slogan is "U-Design it, U-Cut it, U-Install It" and they can be a great option for more creative or do-it-yourself customers. Rocker panels come in four sizes, from 5 to 8-inches high, and you pick a design, determine how much to cut, and decide where to install. U-Cut's rocker panels are made of PVC plastic with bright chrome finish and resist scratches and the sun's harsh UV rays. They come with strong 3M adhesive for attaching. Also included are three pieces of clear styrene that can be measured and cut first as a pattern for the rocker panels.

    ICI Stainless Steel Rocker Panels


  • We've Got You Covered with Three Coverking Car Covers!

    Coverking Car Covers was founded over 20 years ago, and has been making quality covers for vehicles and various vehicle parts ever since. Their car and truck covers have proven especially popular, and are now available for purchase at CoverKing understands that all vehicle owners are different, and thus all owners do not need the same kind of car cover. That is why they manufacture three different kinds of car covers with three levels of protection. The most economical is the Coverguard, which offers basic protection and is made of a single layer of Spunbond Polypropylene. The material is treated with UV inhibitors to protect from the sun's harsh rays. It is not recommended for use in harsh climates.

    A more protective option is the Triguard. This cover is constructed of three layers of material. The top and bottom layers are made of Spunbond Polypropylene, the same material as in the Coverguard. The middle layer is made by a process called Meltblown, which gives the material water-resistance and breathability. This extra layer makes the Triguard suitable for medium weather: it can handle some rain, but is not recommended for significant rain, snow, or ice. Like the Coverguard, it is treated with UV inhibitors to protect from the sun. The Triguard has applications for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

    The most protective of the covers is the Coverbond 4. This cover features 4 layers,including top and bottom layers of Spunbond Polypropylene (treated with UV inhibitors), and 2 middle layers of Meltblown Polypropylene. This extra layer of Meltblown Polypropylene gives the Coverbond 4 even more water-resistance and breathability. The extra layer also thickens the cover, giving it more bulk and strength, and making it more protective against harsher weather. The Coverbond 4 will even protect from light hail damage. So if you need a Cover for Cars, be sure to check out these three Coverking options. They have over 350 applications available for cars.

    Coverking Coverguard Car Covers


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