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  • Get Ready for Off-Road Driving with Specialized Lighting

    Celebrate the end of January with some off-road lighting equipment. In some parts of the country, winter is just about over. Welcome the spring weather and enjoy the outdoors by going on an off-road driving adventure. For those of you still shivering up in the northern states, you may need to stick to the snowmobiling for awhile longer, but it's never too early to think ahead. That way you'll be ready when your spring weather finally arrives.

    There are quite a few different manufacturers and models of Off Road Lights, so do a little research to determine which model best fits your needs. Hella's Rallye 400 Series Off Road Lights are great adaptable off-roading lights. They can be mounted upright, pendant, or sideways without affecting beam placement, and beams are designed to hold steady even on rough terrain. Each light is housed in a rugged, die-cast chrome frame with a revolutionary mounting system that allows lamps to be aimed without the use of tools. One bulb and stone shield are included, wiring harness, clear cover and grille covers are also available.

    PIAA Off Road Lights are powered by All-Terrian Pattern (ATP) technology, a PIAA exclusive. ATP provides a beam with the perfect combination of width, height, and distance. Each light kit includes two 12 volt, 135 watt XTRA Xtreme White ATP bulbs, housed in black stamped steel with glass lenses. The kits also include a wiring harness, relay, switch, and 2 black PIAA mesh covers.

    Once you have chosen your lights, you should also invest in a light bar to mount them to. CARR manufactures Off Road Light Bars that are designed to mount to your vehicle's roof gutter. If your vehicle only has internal gutters, CARR's Gutterless Mount Kit can be used. The light bar includes special keyed bolts for protection and can hold up to 4 lbs. of lights. CARR's light bar also has an exclusive feature that allow you to rotate the light bar, leaving your lights facedown for extra protection or clearance needs. It is available in three finishes: polished steel, black powdercoat, and titanium silver powdercoat.

    Hella Rallye 4000 Series Chrome Off-Road Lights


  • Emergency Vehicle Accessories

    What makes a superior police vehicle? It needs to be fast and rugged, comfortable and practical, efficient and visible. Additional emergency vehicle accessories may not be able to increase speed, but they can maximize the other very important attributes. A common accessory added to police vehicles is a Police Push Bumper, which adds heavy-duty protection to the front end. Go Rhino's 5000 Series Bumper offers superior grille and bumper protection. It is manufactured from heavy-duty steel, welded into one piece, and coated with a tough black powdercoat finish. Its cross-plate is pre-drilled, which makes mounting speakers and warning lights easy, as well as providing increased light visibility and speaker volume. Bumpers install in 30 minutes with no drilling required. If desired, brush guards may be added for additional protection.

    Emergency vehicle interiors need to be comfortable as officers spend a lot of time inside of them. They need to function as mini offices too, but with a minimum of space, it's important to utilize every area and maximize efficiency. Public Safety Equipment Consoles can satisfy this objective. These consoles are designed for use in emergency vehicles and are to be mounted to the floor or dashboard, depending on the model. Go Rhino's floor mount console kit is designed to mount in a forward position underneath the dashboard. The consoles come in a variety of sizes, including an angled console. Go Rhino also makes specialized mounts for keyboards and screens, including a swivel keyboard extender. All of these accessories can help make a more comfortable, work-friendly environment.

    One feature that makes a police vehicle distinct is its Emergency Vehicle Light. Wolo's Infinity 2 Strobe Light is a good example. It features wide sweeping strobe lights that provide better vision at greater distances. All models have a clear center lens with colored light and left lenses. Lenses are manufactured of a strong carbonate and are replaceable. Upper lenses have a built-in rubber gasket to ensure a watertight fit to light base. Each light bar features two light levels: the upper level has 16 triple-flashing strobe lights and the lower level has six flashing marker lights, two alley lights, and a takedown light. This dual level design offers more light features, with three rocker switches providing independent control of various light groups. A stainless steel mounting strap and 20-ft. heavy-gauge power cable with in-line fuses are included.

    Wolo Infinity 2 Strobe Roof Mount Light Bar


  • Specialized Accessories for Jeep Off-Roading

    Jeep is the oldest brand of off-road vehicles. Since the first civilian Jeep was sold in 1945, Jeep owners have been known for their sense of adventure and desire to explore. Some manufacturers, like CARR, use this knowledge to make specialized Jeep Off-Roading Accessories. So whether you go off-roading often, or just want the look, check out these customized Jeep products!

    Windshield Mount Light Bars are a great off-roader purchase. They are designed to mount onto your Jeep windshield's A pillar, and will not interfere with the removal of the soft top. They can also be used with factory hard tops, if that's more to your preference. Each light bar holds up to 4-lbs. of lights and includes special bolts that are keyed to protect from theft. Light bars are available in three finishes: titanium powdercoat, black powdercoat, and polished metal. Also, check out CARR's Rota Light Bars, which can be rotated down for extra clearance space or to protect your lights when not in use.

    If off-roading has left your Jeep with damaged or rusting corners,you should look into Jeep Cover Ups. They cover the rear corners of your vehicle,masking flaws with a new, rugged look. Cover-ups can be found in bright polished aluminum or black powdercoat and with or without pre-cut holes for taillights and gas cap. CARR's Jeep Cover-Ups are proudly made in the USA.

    Another specialized off-roading Jeep accessory is Wade's Jeep Top Wind Deflector. It reduces inside noise while driving with the top off. This can definitely come in handy because it can get really noisy when off-roading. It also deflects wind up and over the vehicle, decreasing in-vehicle air-flow. The wind deflector is easy to install, using automotive-grade tape. Make sure you install it with a couple of days to spare though, because it takes 48 hours to cure. So add even more enjoyment to your off-roading experience by getting some fun (and functional) specialized accessories for your Jeep today!

    CARR Jeep Cover-Ups


  • Get Your Van in Order with Specialized Work Van Equipment

    Get your van in order with Specialized Work Van Equipment. Work vans, by necessity, have a lot of open cargo space. However, if this space is not managed well, it can become disorderly, inefficient, and even unsafe. You can change all this with a few choice accessories specifically designed for a work trucks exterior and interior. Check out Amer-Rac's Van Ladder Rack. Made specifically for vans, this ladder rack features heavy-duty steel side plates that mount to your vans rain gutters for a no-drill installation. Each upright is 8-inches wide, which provides better weight distribution. These racks come in two or three piece sets, with the third rack being recommended when extra support is necessary. With all three crossrails in place, 1,000 lbs. of cargo can be safely transported and adjustable tie-down loops are also provided to keep cargo securely in place.

    The inside of your van can also be readied for storing necessary work equipment or cargo. Amer-Rac's Vistas line is a complete line of storage solutions for work vans. Their Van Interior Shelving is made of 16-gauge steel with a tough,gray powdercoat finish. The shelves come in a variety of lengths,widths, and heights, so they can be configured for a customized set-up. Assembly is required, but is fairly easy with instructions and hardware included. An assortment of shelf accessories like dividers and bin boxes are also available to complete your arrangement.

    Vistas also makes Tank Holders designed to safely store and transport any commercial tank, from a small fire extinguisher to a 50-lb tank of Freon. These holders are constructed from 11-gauge steel with gray powdercoat finish and come in a range of sizes. The holders protect the tank, gauges, and hoses from damage and keep the tanks stored in an upright position. Each holder comes fully assembled and ready to install into your van. So determine what you need to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. A few simple add-ons can keep you well-organized, saving space and time.

    Amer-Rac Heavy-Duty Sprinter Van Racks


  • Farm Fueling Equipment from Top Manufacturers

    GPI is a leading manufacturer of farm fueling equipment. The company began in the Fuel Pump business and they continue to manufacture quality fuel pumps to this day. One of their popular models features a fuel pump enclosed in a compact cabinet. It can be easily installed onto aboveground or underground tanks and is designed for all thin viscosity petroleum fuels like gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel. It features a heavy-duty 20 GPM vane transfer pump and a mechanical meter with large readout and push-button reset. A tank adapter is included for easy installation, and hoses and nozzles are sold separately.

    GPI also manufactures a wide assortment of Fuel Meters. Their FM300H fuel meter is highly accurate and easy-to-read. It features a nutating disc meter with electronic display and LCD readout. Its factory calibration is +/- 2% and its field calibration is +/- 0.5%. This meter's flow range is 2-20 gallons per minute (7-75 liters) and keeps both batch and cumulative totals. It is made of PBT polyester for outstanding durability.

    If you are in the market for high-quality Transfer Fuel Tanks, look no further than Delta's Fuel-N-Tool Combo. It has a 74-gallon tank made from .125 treadplate aluminum with welded tie down brackets for securing the tank in a truck bed. The tank is L-shaped with a removable toolbox attached to the tank's top. The toolbox has 4.5 cubic feet of storage space and a self-rising lid for convenient access. It also features special wide foam weather stripping, which molds around the top of the box to protect from moisture and dust. This two-in-one design is extra convenient, and saves space too!

    GPI Cabinet Model Fuel Systems


  • Stay Organized with a Truck Tool Box

    A Truck Tool Box is a necessity for most contractors, but they can also be useful for weekend handymen as well. They are a great way to get all your most important tools organized and in one place. There are many different kinds of toolboxes: single lid, dual lid, side-mount, underbed, and low profile, just to name a few. The standard toolbox is usually considered to be the single-lid crossover. Deltas steel single-lid crossover can be opened from both sides and has a convenient compartmented lift-out tray. It is a great economical option for those who want a basic truck toolbox.

    If you are concerned about losing visibility out your trucks rear window, a Truck Tool Boxes Low Profile is the perfect type for you. It sits lower in your pickup truck bed, eliminating visibility problems. Deflecta Shields Seal Tite Low Profile also has an automotive-grade rotary latch with T-handle and two industrial-grade gas struts. It has a removable plastic tool tray, which makes organizing and locating smaller tools easier, as well as a push button locking system with interior latch release.

    An underbody Truck Tool box is located underneath the truck bed rather than inside of it. This location has two main benefits: it leaves more room in your truck bed and is easier to access from the ground. The Phoenix Underbody Slider Series patented design also features a door that slides up and back into the toolbox instead of opening downward, like most underbody models. This makes it easier to lift out heavy jacks, chains, and other tools. Whichever model you decide is best, get it installed and organized. You will be amazed how much time you save when you know exactly where all your tools are!

    Delta Steel Single-Lid Crossover Truck Tool Boxes


  • Start the New Year Off Right with an Organized Garage

    The New Year always presents a good excuse to sort through all your old stuff. Donate, sell, or pitch your little used possessions and organize whatever is left. People often focus on clothes, books, and other household objects while completely ignoring an entire room: the garage. The longer you ignore it, the messier it gets, and the cycle continues. So this year, avoid it no longer and get an organized garage.

    A good start is a Jobox Utility Cabinet. Cabinets like these can keep all your tools and materials organized and protected. They come in a variety of sizes and are made of heavily-reinforced 16-gauge steel. All corners of the door frame have 7-inch steel gusset reinforcements that add extra rigidity. Each door is 3-inches deep and is formed on all sides for superior strength that will resist break-ins. The doors come with built-in shelves, which are perfect for storing smaller items, and open with a hand or foot operated latch release.

    Another great organizational tool is the system of Go Rhino Garage Organizers. One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to have a designated spot for everything, making it easy to find exactly what you need and to remember where it goes when you are finished. The Go Rhino system can easily accomplish this goal because it includes numerous specialized shelves, bins, and racks. There are specialized holders for aerosol cans, oil quarts, flashlights, duct tape rolls, extension cords, and spark plugs. In addition, there are different sizes of shelves and storage bays that can be arranged in a customized configuration. Also of note is the lockable organizer, which may be a good place to keep dangerous chemicals. Most of these organizers are available in red and white powdercoat, and some are available in black as well. Use one color for cohesion or use all three and have color-coded areas to group similar items.

    Finally, if you do a lot of work in your garage, you may want to invest in Foam Floor Pads. They are used to improve comfort on concrete floors. The foam gives you a nice little cushion to stand on so your feet and knees aren't pressing down on hard concrete for extended periods. The pads come in 1 ft. square interlocking tiles, which can be arranged in multiple configurations. Each pack contains 16 tiles, which can make a 16x1 ft. strip, an 8x2 ft. rectangle, or a 4x4 ft. square. You can also use multiple packages to cover a greater area, and to customize your tiles to your specific space. Tiles are lightweight and easy to clean. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you in transforming your garage into an efficient and organized work space. Now, once spring comes, you won't have to waste time with"Spring Cleaning", you can jump right into the first project!

    Go Rhino Xtreme Trailer & Garage Organizers


  • Holidays Are Over, How About A Winter Getaway?

    The winter holidays are over, and New Years has come and gone. After running around buying gifts, visiting family, and ringing in the New Year, I am ready for a break: maybe a weekend winter getaway. Pack up the skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles, and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the snow. Getting everything loaded into your truck is easy if you have the right accessories. For example, skis and snowboards can be easily stowed in a Mont Blanc Ski Rack. This rack has universal mounting brackets to fit all OEM roof racks with cross rails that are fewer than 3.25-inches wide. It features oversize release levers, which make opening the rack extremely easy, even while wearing bulky gloves. It also has rubber inserts to protect cargo from damage and locks to fend off would-be thieves. This ski rack can carry 4 pairs of skis or two snowboards, freeing up room in your trunk or truck bed.

    You probably need all the room you can get in your truck bed if you are bringing along a snow mobile. AMP Research had you in mind when they invented their Truck Bed Extender. With the extender,you can fold down your tailgate, allowing up to 2 feet of extra length, while still securing the snowmobile or other cargo in your truck bed.  It is easily installed and removed, and is made of light-weight aluminum alloy tubes with rugged glass-reinforced nylon. A Motoxtender is also available for short beds, and is designed specifically for smaller trucks. The Truck Bed Extender and Motoxtender are proudly made in the USA.

    Another useful accessory for snowmobilers is a Loading Ramp. Highlands Ramparts Tri-Fold model is a great example. It is manufactured from rust and corrosion resistant welded aluminum. It has a full-width top plate, which provides a smooth transition to the truck bed, as well as an extra-wide surface that can accommodate multiple load sizes. This ramp also comes with a stabilizing crossbar for support and a quick-set up. It is made in the USA and has a 3-year limited warranty. So pack up your ski equipment, your snowmobile, and your family, and go out and enjoy all this post-holiday winter season has to offer!

    Highland Ramparts Tri-Fold Utility Ramps


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