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  • Easy Resolutions for the New Year

    Now is the time to be thinking about New Year's resolutions. What is the number one resolution people make? To exercise more! On January 1st people flock to their local gyms and sign-up for an entire year of membership, then actually go to the gym about three times. Don't make this mistake, pick a more reasonable and attainable resolution. For example, instead of running shoes, get some Running Boards. Owens's Glastep Plus Fiberglass Running Boards are made to fit the unique contours of your specific vehicle. They are made of premium fiberglass with a gelcoat finish that can be custom painted to match the factory color of your truck, van, or SUV. They have steel-reinforced mounting pads, and treads on the step portion to prevent slipping. Certain models also have an extended "Box Step" that mounts behind the doors of your pickup for access to your truck bed.

    In lieu of power step aerobics, try Bestop's Power Step. This unique product features the function of running boards without their appearance. A signal from the factory installed door sensors activates the Step Running Boards, and in seconds, they extend to stepping height. When doors close, the boards retract flush behind the rocker panels under the vehicle. The steps themselves are constructed of painted aluminum extrusion and have a no-slip textured surface. They are very wide and flat, and can hold up to 600 lbs. A heavy-duty motor with anti-pinch technology controls the steps' movement. The motor has been tested in extreme climates and is rated for use from -40 to +200 degrees Fahrenheit. Wiring, mounting hardware, and installation instructions are all included.

    Skip the side step squats and invest in Romik Side Steps. These Nerf Running Boards are made from 100% aircraft-quality stainless steel. They combine the features of both nerf bars and running boards. The tubular design of nerf bars is present, but where most bars have an open space, this Romik model has the textured step found on running boards. This means there are wide, anti-slip surfaces as well as a thick, tough look. These boards are very easy to install and require no drilling. Most models are available in hand-polished mirror finish and black powdercoat.

    Romik Running Board Style Side Steps


  • Traveling Safely in Winter Weather

    Before you hit the road this Holiday season, it's wise to make a checklist of things you will need in order for traveling safely . The winter season often brings unpredictable weather, and you never know when a blizzard, hail storm, or just bad luck may leave your vehicle out of commission. Standard supplies include warm blankets, jumper cables, flashlights, a first aid kit, bottled water, and pre-packaged food.
    It's also a good idea to make your vehicle visible to passing motorists, both for their safety, and in case you need to flag down some help. One way to draw attention is by using a Safety Flare Kit. Phoenix makes a versatile kit,which includes four orange batons,four bases, and a carrying bag. Each baton contains long-lasting LED bulbs, so you will not need to worry about burned-out bulbs. The batons have three settings: constant on, flashing, and flashlight. The batons can also be placed in their bases and used as highly-visible cones to set around your vehicle. Each baton uses 2 "D" batteries, another item you should add to your emergency kit.
    Another good Warning Light is Wolo's next generation Hawkeye Light. These lights also use LED technology and come in four colors: amber, blue, red, and clear. Each light comes with a 10 foot wire that plugs into a DC Jack (cigarette lighter), and due to their LED technology they produce more light with less power consumption. They have a protective, magnetic base, which will not scratch your auto's paint. The red, blue, and amber lights each have 10 different warning light patterns that can be changed at the touch of a button. The clear model come with blue and red LEDs and has 22 different light patterns.
    Once you've acquired everything on your list, you need a way to organize and store it all. When an emergency occurs, you would waste precious time digging through your glove compartment, or reaching under your seat for that flashlight that is always rolling around. I would suggest investing in a Car Trunk Organizer. One option manufactured by Go Rhino can be used in sedans, trucks, and SUVs. It has a rubberized bottom to prevent sliding, and heavy-duty, rigid panels. It comes with a set of movable dividers so you can customize your container with the proper amount of space for each emergency item. The heavy-duty lid is strong enough to store items on top of, but can also be removed, if you would prefer that configuration. What I find helpful is to put a map on the underside of the lid, detailing where each object is located. This is also a great way to run though your checklist before big trips, since you already have a list of what is supposed to be included, it's not hard to double check everything and easily determine what is missing. Hopefully, you will never need to break into your emergency kit during any of your travels, but if you do, you will be glad you prepared ahead of time. Have a happy and safe holiday!

    Go Rhino Trunk Organizer


  • Last-Minute Gift Ideas from

    Christmas is only a week and a day away, so you are running out of time to find the perfect present. For all you procrastinators, is here to help! Check out their guide "Great Gift Ideas Under $100" for all sorts of car and Truck Accessories Gift Ideas. Splash guards, hitch covers, car mats, even wings; you'll be surprised how many different products can be found at under $100.  Some of the more popular items are described below.

    Hammer Head manufactures a line of sports plates that can be a great gift for any sports fan! They offer a variety of NFL, MLB, NBA, and collegiate teams with hand-tooled detailing for an exceptional look. They are precision crafted and engineered for durability. I do have to warn you though, that can only be used in the 20 or so states that require only rear-mounted license plates. If your sports fan does not live in one of these states, he or she may still value the sport plate as a collectible, but will not be able to use it on an auto.

    CCI's Universal Car Floor Mats are another great value. Since these are universal mats they don't have the custom fit of some other types of floor mats,but they also come at a much lower price. You also will not need to make a random inquiry into the model and year of the recipients car,which may tip them off as to the type of gift they are getting. The mats are sold in 4-piece sets and come in seven different colors, including hard-to-find red and blue. They have sharp nibs on back to prevent the mats from rolling up, and the drivers side mat comes with a side heel pad.

    Wolo Backup Alarm can be a fun little stocking stuffer (especially the alarm with the bird chirping sound!), but it can also be a life saving piece of equipment. It makes a beeping or bird chirping sound (depending on the model) whenever the vehicle is shifted into reverse. This can alert pedestrians or other drivers who are not paying attention, to surrounding traffic, and can potentially save someones life. It also may help you out if you accidentally shift into the wrong gear: the sound or absence of sound will alert you to your error and can avert an accident like driving into your garage door when you think you are backing out. Sound like anyone you know, or maybe even yourself? Then this alarm may be the perfect gift.

    Hammer Head Collegiate Sport Plates


  • Ready for Action with Back Rack Products

    Lately, in the news, there has been talk of a second stimulus that would include more money for highway and bridge construction. Add this to the previous stimulus that focused heavily on shovel ready construction projects, and it is clear that the construction industry and its contractors need to be ready for new projects. That means contractors vehicles need to be ready too. Are you prepared? One essential for construction contractors is a cab guard to keep your truck cab safe from the materials you haul in your truck bed. Backrack, a Canadian company, manufactures a line of cab guards that are suitable for your needs.

    Backrack's classic model, the Back Rack, has two thick vertical bars and two intersecting flat bars. It is made of oiled steel for a smooth, sturdy look and finished in a black powdercoat. The Back Rack is designed to fit with many different accessories including light kits, toolboxes, and bed liners. Its design also makes it easy to secure cargo.

    Another Headache Truck Rack option is the Safety Rack. This product differs from the cab guard in a few key ways. It offers more protection by having a sturdy, metal grid cover the entire rear cab window. A smaller piece of cargo,such as a 2x4, may still be able to crack or break a rear window even with a cab guard in place. However, the Safety Racks design leaves no large spaces of uncovered glass, eliminating this possibility. However, it offers less versatility, as it does not fit as many kinds of accessory light brackets. It also is more difficult to secure cargo to. Be sure you weigh these advantages and disadvantages when choosing between the Safety Rack and the Back Rack.

    An additional Backrack accessory that can make hauling ladders, posts, or other long loads easier is the Rear Bar. This is a bar that attaches to the rear of your truck, by dropping into the rear stake pockets. It can easily be removed and will not interfere with the use of your truck's tailgate. So take a look at these great Contractor Racks and make your truck shovel ready or at least ready to haul shovels.

    Backrack Safety Rack Cab Guard


  • Carrying Christmas Cargo

    My last blog was truck-heavy so now I'm going to focus on non-truck related ways to haul Christmas cargo. When you're driving a car, you definitely have less room for storage, so it is even more important to stay organized to maximize your space. Highland has designed a great Cargo Organizer. It is the perfect thing to put in your trunk or hatchback to keep everything organized. It is made of hard, rigid plastic, and comes with removable dividers that can be easily slid in and out of varying slots. The dividers can really come in handy by containing small breakable items, like Christmas ornaments, in a smaller space, which allows less room to shift around and break. They can also be used to divide heavier items from more delicate items: separate a pile of books from a fragile figurine, so that the former won't topple onto the later. Obviously this cargo organizer has non-Christmas related uses too. It is useful when bringing home groceries, or simply organizing on-the-road essentials like first-aid kits, flashlights, and jumper cables. Other features include a non-leak bottom,to protect your trunk's carpet from any leaky items,and bottom gripper pads to prevent the organizer from sliding around. It is also completely collapsible and can be compactly folded when not in use.

    A Cargo Roof Bag is another alternative for staying organized. December is not the time to carry items in the open air, so it is a good idea to invest in a storage unit that will protect cargo in colder months. Rola manufactures an expandable cargo bag that can be carried on a roof, inside the auto, or on a hitch-mount cargo carrier. This bag is made of rainproof material and features sonically sealed construction. It holds 9.5 cubic feet of cargo, and has an expandable section that can be expanded for 2 more cubic feet of room. It has a secure zip closure and two interior pockets. The cargo bag has 6 adjustable straps included, so it's easily securable to roofs and carriers. It also folds up compactly and thus will not take up too much space when not in use.

    Another way to organize and save space is by investing in a Roof Rack. Roof racks add extra storage to the top of your vehicle leaving seat and trunk space free. Valley manufactures the Activa Roof Rack which fits most late-model minivans, SUVs, station wagons, and trucks. Its crossbars adjust to accommodate a variety of cargo accessories and sizes, and can carry loads up to 165 lbs. This roof rack is easy to install, with some drilling required. You may also think about purchasing a roof box to go along with your roof rack. Roof boxes will keep your cargo out of inclement weather and are often lockable, which is essential if you are leaving cargo outdoors overnight. Hopefully these suggestions will help you maximize space and minimize hassle during the upcoming weeks!

    Highland Space Master Cargo Organizer


  • Prepare Your Truck for Christmas Transport

    Christmas is a time of tradition. Each family has its own way: heading to the store to buy an artificial, boxed tree (or pulling their old tree out of the garage or basement).  For others, it is time to head to the local Christmas tree lot to pick out a live tree. The more adventurous among us may even drive a little further and cut down our tree each year. However you bring home your tree, it is important to keep your truck protected (though admittedly you have less to worry about with a boxed tree) from scratches and other damage a pine tree can cause.

    The perfect solution is a Truck Bed Liner. STK's Line-A-Bed Bed Liners are custom designed so they have a perfect factory fit. They are made of high-density polyethylene and have a ribbed floor pattern, which allows for better drainage. This ribbed design also creates more cushioning to protect against denting. These bed liners keep cargo (like Christmas tree boxes!) secure with molded-in supports that allow two tiered stacking and a skid-resistant surface. Hardware and tailgate protector are included and the liner is covered by a lifetime warranty.

    BedRug also makes a great line of Bed Liners called BedTred. These bed liners are made of 1/4 inch TPO composite bonded to a layer of water-proof, closed-cell foam. Their custom fit conforms to the contours and shape of your tuck bed and their textured surface prevents cargo from sliding. Factory tie downs are still accessible and usable, which will come in handy when tying down your tree. Installation is easy and requires no prepping, drilling, or sanding. Now unload your tree, stand it up, and move on to step two: Decorating.

    Much like the selection of trees, every family has their own way of decorating. Lights: white, colored, or a mix of both; Garland: gold tinsel, silver beads, ribbon, or even popcorn; Ornaments: themes, mishmash, glass, wooden, homemade, store-bought, etc. One thing we can all agree on is what goes under the tree: presents! How are you going to get them all home? If your truck bed has a cap, then it's easy, otherwise, a Tonneau Cover may be the right choice for you. A tonneau will keep your bed and its cargo protected from inclement weather and prying eyes. Lunds Genesis Tri-Fold is a top-quality tonneau that is made of tear-resistant, high-quality, double-sided fabric. Its rails and bows have strong, rigid extrusions, and its easy use clamps provide tension and security. It installs in less than two minutes and folds in thirds for easy-access. Now, if you can just transfer those gifts from truck to house without any peeking, you will be ready for Christmas!

    BedRug BedTred Truck Bed Liners


  • Fun, Low Cost Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

    A vehicle makes a statement about the person driving it. The model, the color, the upgrades, even the bumper stickers; each part says a little bit about what the owner's preferences are. Most people like to customize their autos to uniquely represent themselves. Help them express their fun side this year with these humorous auto and truck accessories!

    Hitch Critters manufactures a line of funny Hitch Covers that will add a bit of humor to any commute. They fit onto any 2-inch ball hitch and plug into any 4-Pin Plug. They are visually appealing on their own, but when you hit the brakes, the fun really starts. Each of the five hitch covers light up and make movements whenever the brakes are applied. The biting dog kicks its legs, the fish flaps its tail, the duck flaps its wings, the deer raises its front legs in surrender, and the horse directs traffic with its red Whoa! sign. What a clever way to show your humorous side and keep fellow drivers in good spirits!

    Tenna Toys makes a variety of Antenna Toys to top your antennas while expressing your personality! They are laser carved or die stamped depending on the design, and are made of high-quality steel. They install quickly, fit most vehicles, and provide great radio reception. Many of the designs are available in both a black powdercoat finish and a chrome plated finish. All designs are made in the USA and have a five year warranty against rust and corrosion.

    Any hunter is bound to love some Truck Antlers. Hitch Critters advises you to turn your truck into a buck with plastic antlers that attach between window and window jam. Many show off their collegiate or professional sports loyalties with window flags,but this is a new, funny way to show off your love for hunting. Or for some holiday fun, attach a red ball to your grill along with the truck antlers and let your truck, SUV, van, or car masquerade as Rudolph! Heads are sure to turn, and laughs are sure to follow.

    Hitch Critters Ball Hitch Covers & Brake Light


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