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  • Buyers Guides Make Online Shopping Easier!

    This year, more than ever, people are looking for great value when shopping for the holidays. Due to the current economic conditions, we all have a little less to spend, and we want it to go further. Great quality for lower prices is a common mantra, but unfortunately, we do not all have the time to do hours of research to find the greatest deal. Thankfully, some retailers have thought ahead and prepared buyers guides for their customers. Buyers' guides explain the intricacies of specific products and often give advantages and disadvantages to make comparing products easier. They can be especially helpful when shopping online because you cannot hold the product in your hand or ask a salesperson for advice.

    For example, if a relative or friend would like protection for their pickup truck bed you can read through the buyers guide on Truck Bed Liners to determine if a liner is what they are looking for. Liners cover the surface of the truck bed and protect the bed from scratches and general wear from shifting cargo. Perhaps this is not the sort of protection they need, they are more concerned about keeping their truck bed free of leaves and snow. If this is the case, a tonneau cover is the answer. There are quite a few different types: Seal & Peel (great for extreme climates), Hinged (quick, easy access to truck beds), and Roll-Up Tonneau Covers (roll up securely to allow truck bed's full use). Check out the various buyers guides for more tonneau information! Another popular gift idea is a Truck Bed Toolbox, which securely stores tools for any handyman or woman. Crossover, Low Profile, and Side Truck Boxes are some of the varieties that are further explained in the buyers' guides. It's easy to get great value with a little bit of research and buyers' guides are a good place to start!

    Owens Scout Series Single-Lid Low Profile Crossover Truck Tool Boxes


  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    The holidays are finally here! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Christmas is only a month away. The Christmas Creep moves up every year, but I always wait until after Thanksgiving to start my Christmas shopping. This is partially because I tend to get Scrooge-like if I am forced to have Christmas spirit in October and also because waiting until after Thanksgiving always yields the best deals. As you all know, the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as "Black Friday" and it is when stores try to get you in that giving spirit by making huge price cuts to reel you in. The following Monday is typically referred to as "Cyber Monday" as this is when online retailers typically have their big deals available. Whether you are a Black Friday bargain hunter, Cyber Monday deal finder, or a little of both, it cannot hurt to check out all the great deals at

    Car Floor Mats may seem less flashy than the newest electronic gadget (and they are), but they can be a perfect gift for a practical person who wants their auto to stay in great shape. Anyone who works outdoors, has kids in outdoor sports, tends to be a bit accident prone with their on-the-go drinks, or is simply a neat-freak will benefit from some Highland All-Weather Mats. They stand up to the harshest weather conditions and are unaffected by gas, oil,or mud,or the occasional latte. Their durable, pliable rubber won't crack or stiffen, and it's backed by a 100-year warranty. These mats conform to fit the contour of your floor, and have a raised outer lip to keep dirt and liquids on the mats and off your carpet. They are easy to install and remove and have anti-skid spikes to prevent mats from slipping. They are available in black, gray, and tan, and with 4000 applications, they probably have your model covered.

    Any do-it-yourselfers on your list? A great gift for them is a nice, durable Toolbox. It is important to have the right tools when you need them, and to keep your trusty tools safe and protected. Owens is a leading manufacturer of pickup and stand-alone boxes. They are known for being sturdy and durable. Their Garrison Series is very popular, in particular their Diamond Tread Tote model. This toolbox is lightweight, so it's easy to carry, and has easy locking latches, so it is easy to get in and out of. It also features hemmed edges and a comfortable gripping handle. It comes in three sizes: 16-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch.

    For anyone who loves their vehicle and hates scraping windows, look into a Torza WeatherBuster Windshield Cover. It puts a layer of protection between your windshield and frost as well as shading and reflecting the heat from your vehicles interior. It is made from polyester fabric and silver aluminum mylar film and is guaranteed not to rip, tear, or crack. It installs in as little as ten seconds and has a patented theft-protection design. It is custom fit and provides protection in all types of weather, and will not stick to your windshield. Hopefully these tips have given you a few gift ideas, and you are ready to get started on your shopping. Enjoy your Turkey Day, then get going on your countdown to Christmas!

    Owens Garrison Series Diamond Tread Tote Tool Boxes


  • Check Out These Great Backrack Products!

    Backrack is a Canadian company that has been in business over 20 years! They began by manufacturing a basic Headache Rack and have since expanded into making Safety Racks, as well as various applications and accessories. The basic model is called a "Back Rack" and is a standard Truck Cab Guard. It features two thick vertical bars and two intersecting flat steel bars. The two-bar design means that cargo can be more easily secured to it. It is also oiled for a smooth finish and coated in a black powdercoat. It's a very affordable way to protect your truck's rear window and your heads rear too!

    A higher-end headache rack is the Safety Rack, which is made of welded wire mesh, which protects the entire cab window. The mesh extends up past the window as well. It is the more expensive model, but provides greater protection, as there is less glass surface area exposed to possible damage. However, it offers less versatility, both in securing cargo and in attaching any accessory light brackets. The Safety Rack has a similar oiled, smooth, and black powdercoat finish.

    Backrack also manufactures a Rear Bar application that aides in the carriage of ladders and long loads. It is available for trucks with rear stake pockets, and is easy to install: it just drops right into the stake holes. If you need the utility of a ladder rack, but don't like the way it breaks up the sleek lines of your truck, then Backrack's Rear Bar is right for you!

    Back Rack Cab Guards


  • Traveling For the Holidays?

    The upcoming holiday season means spending more time with loved ones, which can mean spending a lot of time on the road. Whether it's half an hour or half the day, it can seem a lot longer if you are not prepared. Even if you have made your list, checked it twice, and are certain you have thought of everything, you still need somewhere to put all your luggage, presents, homemade dishes, games, snacks!

    If this sounds like it could be a problem for you, then you should think about investing in a Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier. The Deluxe Folding Hitch Basket from Valley is made of heavy-duty tubular steel with a durable Black Powdercoat finish. It measures 5 feet by 20 inches with sides twice as high as the standard to hold cargo more securely in place. Exclusive to this model is a folding shank that allows the basket to be folded up when not in use.

    Another alternative is a Roof Rack. Mont Blanc manufactures roof rail load bars that can sustain up to 220-lbs. on most vehicles. These load bars fit many popular models of OEM and aftermarket roof racks and rails. There are two different styles of load bars, Rectangular and AeroWing. The Rectangular rails come in three sizes for a great fit,and are made of galvanized steel with black vinyl covers. The AeroWings are made of anodized aluminum with black vinyl inserts. Both models come with rubber-padded clamps to protect roof rails from damage and have a theft-proof locking clamp.

    If you are traveling with your pet this year,a Pet Barrier may be helpful. A pet barrier keeps your animal in the back seat or hatchback area of your auto. This makes pet transport much safer, as they cannot push their way into the front seats or cause other distractions. It also can keep pet hair more contained so it won't make a mess of your holiday clothes. Highlands pet barrier has a modern, open design that keeps animals out of your seats without making your pet feel caged in. It is constructed of sturdy, heavy-gauge tubing, and installs in minutes. Don't let holiday travel stress you out when a few simple accessories can make all the difference!

    Mont Blanc Gripper 3700 Series Roof Rail Load Bars


  • Transport Your Outdoor Sports Equipment With Specialized Racks

    Who doesn't love outdoor sports? They're fun, keep you active, and let you breathe some fresh air. It can be as easy as pulling the football out of the garage and heading to a nice open field with some friends or family. However, your sport of choice might require more equipment than just a ball. Snowboarding, skiing, and biking, just to name a few, require more unwieldy equipment that requires a little more forethought before you can embark. You may need to invest in a specialized carrier to transport your valued sporting equipment safely and protectively.

    Mont Blanc manufactures an excellent Ski Rack that will come in handy if you enjoy schushing down mountains on your own skis. This ski rack has universal mounting brackets, which fit all OEM roof racks with cross rails that are under 3.25-inches wide. Rubber inserts protect your skis from damage and oversized release levers allow for easy access to your equipment, even when wearing bulky gloves! Locks are included to protect your skis from theft. This model features a scissor style, which can hold four pairs of skis with or without ski bags. If you're more of a shredder, you can substitute two boards for 4 sets of skis and call it a Snowboard Rack instead. Also,when warmer weather returns,you can use your rack for water skis!

    For all you bike enthusiasts or future bike enthusiasts, a Bike Rack Carrier is a necessity. There are three main types of bike racks: roof-mounted racks, trunk-mounted racks, and hitch-mounted racks. All three are fairly self-explanatory as far as vehicle placement goes, but they each feature different advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific auto and personal preferences. Mont Blanc makes a great roof mounted rack that fits 1-inch to 3-inch bike frames. It features a traditional v-profile wheel channel with uprights that are made of steel for superior support and stability. A lock is included for extra protection. Rola offers a hitch-mounted model with some innovative features. It has a tilt mechanism, which provides easy unloading of bikes as well as quick trunk access when bikes are stowed. This carrier also has a built-in anti-sway device to reduce bike frame movement while in transit, and an integrated cable lock system to securely lock bikes to the carrier. Its soft, rubber cradles hold bikes securely. This model fits 2-inch receivers and has folding arms that allow for compact storage when not in use. So whether you're hitting the trails, the slopes, the pavement, or even the water, invest in a specialized equipment rack to keep your gear safe, and get on the road.

    Mont Blanc McKinley Ski and Snowboard Carrier


  • Want to Express Yourself with Flair? Invest in Fender Flares!

    Fender flares upgrade the look of your car or truck, giving it a stylish new look. In addition to their visual appeal, they also protect your auto's wheelbase and surrounding areas from grime and road debris. Unsightly dings and dents can also be prevented by adding Fender Trim or flares.

    When deciding which kind of fender flare to purchase, you must think about what sort of flair you want to add to your vehicle. For a rugged, earthy style, look no further than EGR's Rugged Fender Flares. They are ideal for factory or wider wheels and are UV protected, so they won't fade. They are easy to install, require no drilling or trimming, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. These fender flares are custom-fit to your specific make and model and can also be painted to match your vehicle's factory color. They also are available in a thinner, OEM style, if that's more to your taste.

    If you're looking for something flashier CCI's Chrome Fender Trim may be the perfect fit. They're manufactured of 304 stainless steel, which will not rust. They're also highly polished for a bright shiny look.  These fender trims have a secure custom fit because they are make and model specific. They come in a set of four,one for each wheel,and all installation hardware is included.

    CCI Stainless Steel Fender Trim


  • Transport Cumbersome Cargo with a Ladder Rack

    They may be called Ladder Racks, but they can carry so much more than ladders. Lumber, beams, even kayaks can be stored and carried on ladder racks. The Christmas season is fast approaching, so keep in mind that ladder racks can be used to bring home your Christmas tree!

    Amer-Rac's ladder rack features full-length side rails with angled tips to increase aerodynamics. The side rails extend over the cab, which maximizes cargo space and is more protective of your cabs roof. A rear crossrail also comes standard, but it can be removed to accommodate tall cargo. This ladder rack fits trucks with bedliners, tool boxes, or other accessories already installed, and can hold between 1,000 and 2,000 lbs. depending on the style.

    Cross Tread manufactures a great heavy-duty Truck Rack. It's called The Aluminator because it is made of marine-grade aluminum tubing, which is hot water sealed to protect against all types of weather. It's also brushed and polished, so it looks good too! Its design consists of three cross rails that can be adjusted anywhere from 55 to 78-inches. Standard leg height is 36-inches, and leg placement is adjustable. If you have a camper shell or tonneau cover you can still use The Aluminator, you just need to get an adapter kit. The Aluminator holds 1,000 lbs. when mounted to bedrails, and 750 lbs. when mounted to camper shell adapter plates. That's quite a load!

    Go Rhino makes a Truck Ladder Rack called The Quick Rack System. The Quick Rack is a patented system that allows rack sections to be positioned anywhere along the bed rail. It includes three rails and two 14-ft. ratchet tiedowns. It's easy to install and remove and requires no holes to be drilled into your truck. The uprights are made of polypropylene and the top portion is made of aluminum, with a high-strength, ribbed design. It fits most pickup trucks and can carry 300 lbs.

    Go Rhino Quick Rack System


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