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  • Add Some Shine in a Flash with Chrome Accessories

    If you'd like to add a little style to your car without spending a fortune, consider upgrading to chrome. Many car and truck accessories are available in a chrome finish, which is sleeker and more durable. offers over 50 different Chrome Accessories, so you can change your vehicles look in a variety of ways.

    CCI is a leading manufacturer of Chrome Truck Accessories. They produce trim for headlights, taillights, fenders, and windows. CCI also makes snap-on wheel skins that give you a more stylin look in seconds! AVS manufactures great bug shields and vent visors that protect your vehicle from bugs and rain while adding some extra shine. You could also change out your boring gas doors or side mirrors for some new, shiny chrome accents. If you're looking to really amp up your shine, think about adding highly polished rocker panels to your vehicles sides. To make a big statement in the front, check out Precision Grilles billet grilles, available in twelve different styles.

    Another easy way to make a big impact is to add Chrome Door Handle Covers. CCIs door handles are triple chrome plated and require no cutting, drilling,or removal of factory handles. They're custom fit to the contours of your vehicle and are available for most makes and models. Complete the look by adding CCI tailgate handle covers and Highland truck grab handles. So whether you want to add a few shiny touches,or make your car or truck the flashiest on the block, remember that chrome accessories are the way to go.

    CCI Chrome Door Handle Covers


  • Take A Step Up with Running Boards

    If you or one of your passengers needs a little help climbing into your truck or SUV, then running boards may be the perfect solution for you! Running Boards provide a nice stable surface to step up onto, while giving your vehicle a unique, rugged look. Owens manufactures a great set of running boards that are constructed of molded ABS plastic and have a step-tread to avoid slipping. They are reinforced with galvanized steel for superior strength and support and both boards and end caps are UV protected. They come in a variety of lengths and can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle.

    If you need the function of running boards but don't care for their appearance, take a look at Power Step Running Boards. These running boards fold up behind the vehicle's rocker panels when not in use! When you open your vehicle's door, an electronic signal activates the running boards and they extend outward. Closing the door sends another signal to retract the boards. These boards are wide and flat and extend outward 10 to 12 inches when in use, which provides a much more natural step when entering and exiting the vehicle. The Power Step uses a heavy-duty motor with anti-pinch technology that has been rated for use in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The boards are made of painted aluminum and can hold 600 lbs. They are textured for a no-slip surface and are corrosion resistant. They come complete with wiring, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

    If you want a slightly different look, you might be interested in Nerf Bars, which can be used as a step in lieu of running boards. SteelCraft manufactures a great model that is available in high-quality polished stainless steel or black aluminum powdercoat finish. It features custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip-resistance. No drilling is required, as the nerf bars use custom mounting brackets that are bolted on.

    Bestop Power Step Running Boards


  • BuyAutoTruckAccesories Has Expanded Its Paint Program!

    You already know that BuyAutoTruckAccesories offers quality products at the lowest prices, but did you know that it also has a great paint program?   Your auto and truck accessories can be custom painted to match your vehicles paint job. paints these products in a clean, dust-free environment to ensure a high-quality paint finish. Their professional trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment, including the newest technology in color mixing equipment. This provides the most accurate color match and a superior, durable, consistent finish.

    Currently, offers 42 different Painted Auto Accessories and Painted Truck Accessories. Available painted products include bug shields, window visors, hood scoops, fender flares, and running boards. Painted Spoilers are also a very hot item. These products will arrive at your door painted and ready for installation! So how do you get them? Just look for the special "We Can Paint It" banner, check the box that indicates you want a painted product,and then enter your vehicle's paint code. If you need help finding your paint code,a handy Paint Code Locator is available. New painted products will be added periodically, so keep checking back to see what's new!

    JSP Premium Wings Painted


  • Beat Salt Buildup with Mud Flaps

    2010-07-07 18:12:56
  • Owens Truck Tool Boxes are the Smart Choice for Safety and Quality

    I always feel more comfortable when using my own tools. That is why it is important to me to have a Truck Tool Boxes, so I can take my tools with me wherever I go. Truck tool boxes safely and securely store your tools, so they are ready whenever and wherever you need them. If your job requires tool use daily, then tool boxes are an obvious necessity. However, they can also be convenient for the "weekend handyman". Whether you are assisting a buddy with a home-repair project, helping a friend move, or taking the family on a camping trip, having a suitable and secure place to tote all your tools in your truck can be extremely beneficial.
    Once you have decided to purchase a tool box for your truck, it is time to consider all of your options. There are many manufacturers and styles of Tool Boxes to choose from. Owens is a premier manufacturer of truck tool boxes. They are well-known for making durable, reliable products right here in the USA. Their Scout Series boxes offer great products at great prices. They have a three piece basket design with fully-welded seams for maximum load strength, and their basket and lid edges are hemmed to eliminate sharp edges. Scout tool boxes also come with a removable heavy-duty tool tray that will not sag with use. They feature dome-style lid locks and a closed cell PVC gasket to keep your tools safe and protected. The Scout Series comes in multiple styles including Gull Wing, which opens on both sides for easy-access, and the Low Profile Truck Box, which sits lower to increase rear window view.
    Owens Garrison Series is a more upscale series of tool boxes, providing a higher quality. They have a three piece basket designs, fully-welded seams, and hemmed edges, like the Scout Series, but also come with a reinforced lid with foam inserts. Additionally, they feature heavy-duty automotive-style struts as well as full length hinges made of heavy-duty aluminum. Garrison models also have a protected latching system, which makes the tool box easy to open from either side. So remember - when you need to keep your tools convenient and safe no matter where you go - to consider investing in an Owens Tool Box. You won't be disappointed!

    Owens Scout Series Gullwing Truck Toolbox


  • A Rear Spoiler Wing adds Pizzazz to Your Ride!

    If you want to give your car a sportier look while boosting its performance capabilities, a rear spoiler is the perfect addition. Rear spoiler wing affect the flow of air around the vehicle's body. This effect increases stability and decreases drag, leading to better vehicle performance and decreased fuel consumption.
    Rear Spoilers and Rear Spoiler Wings are available in a variety of materials and styles. MVS Wings makes their wings out of superior quality blow molded plastic, which produces a more lightweight and durable product than using a fiberglass mold. MVS Wings can also be custom painted to exactly match the color of your auto. They are easy to install and come with instructions and a mounting kit.
    MVS Wings come in different models: give them all a look to determine what style best fits your needs. Factory Style is your basic Factory Rear Spoiler that follows the manufacturers specifications for a uniform look. Custom Style Rear Spoilers give an alternative, custom look, while still keeping a more mainstream appearance. The Radical Style wings offer a more dramatic look that will make your car stand out. They come in a mid-style for a little extra flair and full-style for the ultimate unconventional appearance. All styles are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship, so you will be receiving a superior product no matter which model you chose!

    MVS Factory Style Wing


  • Level Out Your Load with SuperSprings Suspension Upgrade Kits

    Level out your load with SuperSprings Suspension upgrade kits. Suspension Enhancement Systems are now available from! Suspension lift kits raise a vehicles frame, body, engine, and power train above the wheels.  This reduces the impact of road irregularities on the driver and passengers. SuperSprings manufactures some great Truck Suspension kits called SumoSprings. They are made out of extremely durable microcellular foam, which is specifically engineered to withstand the tough environment faced by the underbodies of trucks. Installation is quick and easy and requires no drilling. SumoSprings are maintenance-free, come with a 3-year limited warranty, and are proudly made in the USA. The Rear Suspension Upgrade Kit is ideal for trucks with campers, fifth wheels, and other trailers. It is available in both single and dual rear wheel and has been load tested in excess of 10,000 lbs. Rear SumoSprings also maintain your autos front-end alignment. To smooth out your Truck Air Suspension when using snow plows, winches, or other front-mounted accessories,use the Front Suspension Upgrade Kit. Front SumoSprings reduce the bounce and sway that often occurs when using front-mounted accessories.
    If your vehicle uses a torsion bar suspension, then SuperSprings Torsion Bar Keys are the right product for you. These SuperKeys are 25% stronger than OEM keys and fit most Dodge, Ford, and GM vehicles. They provide two inches of front-end lift, which is often needed when using a snow plow, winch, or other accessory that mounts to the front of your truck. They can also eliminate suspension sag, and make it easier to fit larger wheels. SuperKeys are made in the USA from high-quality US steel. Remember that offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on all three of these products. We guarantee to beat all our competitors prices by at least $2.00, so check out our huge selection and buy today!

    SuperSprings SumoSprings Suspension Upgrade Kit


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