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  • Make Your Pickup Truck Greener With A Tonneau Cover

    There are many reasons to install a tonneau cover on your truck. They keep your cargo in and precipitation out, while adding a stylish look. Did you know that they can also save you money? Tonneau Covers reduce tailgate drag which translates to more miles-per-gallon, and fewer dollars spent on gas. Some tonneau models can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 8%, especially in highway driving!
    There are a number of different types of truck tonneau covers available. Each offers different advantages, so do a little research to determine which tonneau is right for you. One popular kind is a Snap Tonneau, which snaps on for ultimate protection from the elements. Torza's Snap model also integrates heavy-duty rails and a frame mounting system for easy installation and long-lasting protection. It also has spring-loaded corners that adjust automatically with weather changes.
    When convenience and accessibility is a top priority, consider a Hinged Tonneau Cover. Lund's Genesis Hinged model gives easy access to the entire bed. It uses heavy-duty gas struts so you can open and close the truck tonneau cover with only one hand! It also has the "Slam-N-Scram Latch" for instant latching when closing the cover.
    A Roll Up Tonneau Cover can be rolled all the way to the front of the bed, making your whole bed accessible quickly. It can also come in handy when you need to transport larger cargo, since the tonneau can be rolled up to maximize your space, without having to be completely removed. Lund's Roll Up Tonneau Cover offers these benefits as well as an easy-no drill installation, and quick-release real rail for quicker opening and closing.  This model also features a rubber seal on both front and rear rails to form a solid barrier and dual automatic latches for extra security.
    So, whether it's a snap, hinge, roll up, or other kind of tonneau cover that is right for your truck, remember to use it as much as possible after purchase to increase your fuel efficiency and save money!

    Lund Roll Up Tonneau Covers


  • Protect Yourself and Your Cab with Cab Guards

    Everyone does their best to prevent accidents from occurring, but unfortunately they are never completely avoidable. In a collision, your pickup truck's cargo can crash through your cab window causing damage to your vehicle and serious injury to yourself and passengers. Reduce this risk by always securing the items in your pickup truck bed, and for added protection, consider investing in a cab guard. Cab guards are installed in your pickup bed against your rear window and prevent dislodged cargo from breaking through.
    Backrack, a Canadian company, manufactures both Back Racks and Safety Racks.  The Back Rack is the less expensive model and features two thick vertical bars and two intersecting flat steel bars. The two-bar design means that cargo can be more easily secured to it. It's also oiled for a smooth finish and coated in a black powdercoat.
    The Backrack Safety Rack is made of welded wire mesh, which protects the entire cab window. The mesh extends up past the window as well. It is the more expensive model, but provides greater protection, as there is less glass surface area exposed to possible damage. However, it offers less versatility, both in securing cargo and in attaching any accessory light brackets. The Safety Rack has a similar oiled, smooth, and black powdercoat finish.
    A Headache Rack is another alternative. The STK Pro Rack is more expensive than the Back Rack, but is proudly manufactured in the USA! STK is committed to producing a high-quality, durable product as evidenced by its manufacturing guidelines. The Pro Rack is manufactured and assembled to meet or exceed Military 105 Standards, and all tubing meets or exceeds North American ASTM A-513 Specs. The frame is made from thick (2-inch) steel tubing, and the brackets and rails plates are made from reinforced steel. All hardware is zinc-plated to avoid corrosion. Its powdercoat finish is applied in a nine-step process for extra-durability. The Pro Rack is easy-to-install, with no drilling required on most full-size models. It can be used even if your truck already has a bedliner, rail cap, or toolbox. Accessories such as lights, arrow sticks, and antennas can be mounted with the use of accessory brackets.

    STK Pro Rack Headache Rack


  • Cut through the Fog and Light up the Road

    One of the keys to driving safely is good visibility. It is important to have effective lighting to maintain a good view of the road. Hella Lighting offers a large selection of lights to meet your needs for inclement weather, and nighttime or daytime driving. Fog Lights are specifically designed for use in poor weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, fog, or even a dust storm. They are often mounted low to increase illumination of the road, and should be used at lower speeds. Hella 220 Fog Lights provide an accurately directed light without "dazzling" oncoming traffic, which ensures good visibility for you, without compromising the visibility of other drivers. I's a quick and easy install, with all needed parts included: 2 lamps, 2 bulbs,2 stone shields,and mounting kit with durable metal brackets that ensure accurate beam placement. These fog lights also add a stylish touch to the front of your vehicle even when not in use!
    When traveling at night, Driving Lights can be beneficial, especially in unlit or rural areas. In fact, they got their name before nighttime driving was common. There were very few properly lit roads, and thus "driving lights" were the standard lamps used on early vehicles. Of course, now lower beams have become the standard, but driving lights remain a great way to improve nighttime visibility. Hella 500 Driving Lights are very sturdy with shock-proof, water-tight housings, and come with super-bright 12-Volt/55-Watt bulbs. Stone shields come included and provide additional protection. Also, optional Color Shieldz can be purchased to protect the lamps from scratches and change the color of your light!
    The newest trend in auto and truck lighting is LED Running Lights. LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes have an extremely long life, and provide superior visibility and safety due to their inherent vibration resistance. Higher-end manufacturers are already beginning to incorporate LEDs into their models for these benefits, as well as their stylish look. Why wait? You can purchase Hella's LED Daytime Running Lights for your current vehicle. This light kit comes with five high-performance LEDs in a stable plastic housing. They are DOT & SAE compliant and are easy to install. Daytime running lights turn on whenever your vehicle is in use, and offer additional safety, especially on lower visibility days.

    Hella LED Running Lights


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