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  • Lund Tonneau Covers

    Tonneau covers are a smart option for your truck. Sometimes called tono cover or truck bed cover.The word tonneau comes originally from the French - meaning cask, container, or cover.Tonneau Covers usually have a rich black leather look and are made from vinyl. Many different styles are available from many different manufacturers.

    Lund International manufactures Lund Genesis Tonneau Covers. These truck bed covers are available in 5 different styles. Snap, Velcro, Seal and Peel, Hinged and Tri Fold.

    Snap Tonneau is usually thought of as the most basic. Years ago they would drill holes in the pickup and screw in the snaps for the cover. This led to rust and corrosion and quickly became unpopular. Now, snap tonneau covers come with a rail that sits on top of the trucks bed rail. This rail contains the snaps so no drilling is required.

    Seal and Peel offers a unique and quick way to open and close your cover much faster than the traditional snap tonneau covers.

    Velcro became popular because you can roll up the cover and fit large objects in your truck bed with ease.

    Hinged Tonneau Covers are great because they offer easy opening and closing of the cover. You can even put stuff in your bed with one hand.

    Lund Genesis Tri Fold is probably the most popular Lund Tonneau Cover.This cover comes completely assembled and will install in less than 2 minutes. The quick-release cam-action allows you to open and close your cover in seconds and also keeps the cover taught and secure.

    Of course all covers help you to Save Money on Gas, keep your stuff dry and secure and add a custom look to your truck.

    Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau Cover


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