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  • Fall, What a Great Season!

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  • Best Truck Bed Protection Available

    STK Line-A-Bed Drop-In Bed Liner is one of the best investments you could make for your Truck. Line-A-Bed Bedliner is loaded with features and delivers superior truck bed protection at an affordable price. Each STK Over-Rail and Under-Rail Bedliner is custom-designed for a factory perfect fit in domestic and import pickups. These Bedliners are molded of durable, high density polyethylene (thermoformed) with skid resistant technology, to last as long as your truck. The high-ribbed floor pattern is designed to promote drainage and create additional cushioning against denting a feature that you do not get with other types of bed protection.  Skid resistant technology helps keep loads secure and does not wear off.

    Every STK Line-A-Bed Features:

    • Lifetime Warranty
    • True Customized Fit on Every Model
    • Molded-In Supports for Two-Tier Stacking Help Keep Loads Secure
    • No Hardware Required for Under-the-Rail Bedliners (Liner Snaps into Place Under the Truck Rails)
    • No Assembly Required for Over-the-Rail Bedliners (Just Press Six SnapFast Clips into Pre-Slotted Holes)
    • Rich Black Finish
    • Skid Resistant Surface Helps Keep Loads Secure

    Outlined below are some things to consider when comparing an STK drop-in bedliner to a spray-on bedliner.

    - Protection from a Drop-In Bedliner
    * Shock absorbing ribs (protection against dents, scrapes)
    * Chemical resistant
    * Thicker sidewalls
    * Consistent thickness and hardness of liner material
    * Protects paint finish, prevents rust
    - vs. a Spray-In Bedliner
    * Prone to damage from dents
    * Scrapes/abrasions can expose bare sheet metal
    * Thickness dependent on application technique & skill of installer
    * Truck bed must be damaged by sanding paint finish (if not done properly, rust will form)

    - Skid Resistance and Cargo Control from a Drop-In Bedliner
    * STK extruded skid resistant material is virtually wear proof
    * Molded-in supports for 2-tier stacking and lock-in loading
    - vs. Spray-In Bedliner
    * Skid resistance may wear off from use
    * UV inhibitor reduces skid resistance
    * May prohibit use of original equipment features like 2-tier stacking

    - Your Investment in a Drop-In Bedliner
    * Considerably less expensive than spray-ons
    * Better resale value/protects investment
    * STK Nationwide Lifetime Limited Warranty
    - vs. a Spray-In Bedliner
    * High cost (2-5 times more costly than drop-in bedliners)
    * Costly UV inhibitor must be purchased and applied annually
    * May reduce resale value
    * Installation may void paint warranty

    - The Durability of Drop-In Bedliner
    * Tough, high density polyethylene
    * Rich black finish is resistant to UV fading with no yearly maintenance
    * Scratches in drop-in bedliner do not contribute to rust (protects factory finish)
    - vs. a Spray-In Bedliner
    * Durability is dependent on the skill of the applicator
    * Fading may occur without annual application of UV inhibitor
    * Susceptible to dents and scratches which contribute to rust

    - Ease of Use for a Drop-In Bedliner
    * Quick installation
    * Easily removed
    * No drilling or paint removal
    * Just plain easy!
    - vs. a Spray-In Bedliner
    * Difficult and time-consuming to install
    * Permanent (cannot be removed)
    * Must be installed by trained professional in a controlled environment

    Link to a Drop-In vs. Spray-In Bedliner Press Release

    Link to Spray-In Safety Tips

  • Contractors, Bed Covers for Trucks and Storage

    Every contractor needs a truck but could do without the fuel economy woes. Two things that can really help increase your truck's gas mileage are Tonneau Covers, bed covers for trucks and Tailgate Nets. Tonneau Covers are great because not only do they help save on fuel, they also keep your bed covered, thus keeping your tools, and etc. out of sight. But if you need an open bed and still want to save money on gas; then why not try a Tailgate Net. They are cheap easy to install.

    Now that we have that covered, what about storage? You know how expensive your tools are and also how nice it is to be able to find that certain tool as soon as you need it. A Truck Tool Box does this and more. Truck Tool Boxes help in many ways: 1) Keep your tools secure, 2) Keep your tools dry and out of the weather, 3) Keep your tools organized, 4) Keep you tools from sliding and bouncing around in your truck bed and 5) Keep your tools out of sight from those wondering eyes.

    Now you have to make a decision about which brand and type of toolbox you will need. There are several brands to choose from. Some quality brand names are Owens, Delta, Jobox, Challenger, Phoenix, and Deflecta-Shield.

    Once you decide which brand, you will have to figure out what type of toolbox or toolboxes you will need. You have many types and configurations to choose from.First you have your basic Single-Lid Crossover, then you have a few different styles of Dual-Lid Crossovers. You can compliment these with Topsides or Sidemounts which will give you, what some people call a “Saddle Bag" look. A nice big chest could go where the crossovers do, which would give you a large amount of storage. Now of course, each of these tool boxes come in deep, narrow, low profile and etc. characteristics (making it more difficult for you to decide what exact toolbox is right for you). If you drive a Tow Truck or similar, then you need an underbed tool box. These are great for storing chains, gloves, tools and everything else you will need for the job. How about if you work on a farm or do a lot of ATVing. ATV Storage Boxes are perfect for hauling all of your valuable gear around. Or, what if you pull a trailer; then a Trailer Utility Box is what you need. All of these boxes are made in different sizes so that there is sure to be one to fit your needs well.

    Okay, now that hopefully you have  narrowed down why you need a tool box and the different types available, you have to decide what finish would be best for your application and look that you desire. The four finishes are Steel, Aluminum, Plastic and Stainless Steel.They all look great but if you have a truck with a lot of chrome on it then you would probably want a Diamond Plate Aluminum or Stainless Steel Box. Steel is available in Black or White. Diamond Plate Aluminum is available in Black or Diamond Brite. Stainless steel is that mirror like finish and plastic boxes are available in black.

    This gives you a quick rundown of the different types of Tool Boxes available. The only type of box left out is Job Site Boxes, sometimes called Security Cabinets. Most are constructed of heavy-duty steel and come available in brown or yellow.

    owens tool boxes

  • Dog Days of Summer - What Now?

    Now that we are into the Dog Days of Summer, it is time to start thinking about what follows. If your kid(s) are going to college then you need to plan out how you are going to get all of their stuff back to school. This is when a hitch basket comes in handy. If you have a roof rack, then a roof basket is ideal because it can hold all of your stuff. If you need to keep everything dry and secure then a roof top box would probably be better. Curt makes quality towing and cargo products and carry everything listed above.

    But what if you have younger children. You know you will be driving them back and forth to the soccer and/or football fields. A cargo net will probably come in handy as well as floor guards. Remember how the mud just accumulates on your vehicles carpet. Floor mats and guards keep your carpet like new, plus, you can just pull out the guards and hose them down. Nifty Catch All Xtreme mats really do the trick.

    Before you know it, it will be fall and it usually tends to be rainy and foggy. This is when fog or driving lights come in to play. Hella makes some really great lights which will increase your comfort level when driving the kids around. Rain Guards, of course, are a no brainer. They are useful for any season; always keeping the rain and weather out while letting the fresh air in.

    Valley Sport Rack

  • Chrome Bug Shields

    Bug Deflectors give your Truck or SUV added protection from bugs, rocks and miscellaneous debris. Bugshields also give your vehicle a custom appearance at minimal expense.
    Bugshields are also known as Hood Shields, Hood Guards, Bug Deflectors or Bug Guards. They are available in plastic, chrome plated acrylic or stainless steel. You can buy them in smoke, clear (great for color matching your truck or SUV), chrome or some even come with a design on them. Such designs are The American Flag, Your Favorite Sports Team, Wildlife, Armed Forces and More.
    Most Bugshields are custom molded to fit your vehicle aerodynamically. This allows air to flow up and over your windshield, at the same time, keeping bugs and debris off of your hood and windshield.
    Bug Guards are easy to install and most require no drilling. They are easy to clean and designed to give you years of pleasure and protection.
    Chrome Bug Shields are becoming more and more popular because they accentuate all of the other popular Chrome Accessories. Such as chrome door handles, chrome tailgate handles, chrome gas tank covers, pillar posts and more.

    Chrome Bug Shields

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