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  • Off-roading Arkansas Trails

    Here are a few of the top rated off roading areas on Arkansas trails (according to reviews). And again, if I do not get to your favorite spots, PLEASE visit our Facebook page and share it with our followers, as the best testimony is word of mouth.
  • Moab, Utah Trails For 4-Wheeling

    Utah. In many people’s opinion, the off-road Mecca of the world. This one will be a little different. Lets talk MOAB.
  • Off-roading on Colorado Trails

    Having lived in Colorado most of my life, I have four wheeled in many, many places. Most with names, but that does not mean that I know the names. We just went wheelin’ and didn’t worry about what people called it.
  • What Are The Best Trucks Out There? Pt. 3

    The Dodge brothers started out as enterprising young men, making parts for Oldsmobile, Ford, and others. Then they struck out on their own, with the first Dodge Brothers automobile in 1914. Their first trucks were based on the car chassis and were bought up by the military for use in World War I.
  • What Are The Best Trucks Out There? Pt. 2

    Now, as a Chevy guy, lets move on to the trucks that I feel should have the number 1 spot. The C/K series started back in 1960, and ran through 1999, when they were replaced by the Silverado and the Sierra (which were trim packages up until that point). The C-Series was the two wheel drive designation, while the K was for the Four wheel drives.
  • What Are The Best Trucks Out There?

    Ok, let’s face it, this might just be the biggest argument in the automotive world, and we know that there will never be a unanimous answer. Today, we will look at the Ford F-Series, and we will cover Chevy and Dodge later.
  • History of Toyota Trucks

    Ok, so who doesn’t love the Toyota truck? Great body lines, decent power and a great bang for the buck. But, what do you know about the little truck that could?
  • A Look at Jeep Wrangler Models Through the Years - Part III

    We have covered the YJ’s and the TJ’s, so now we only have one to go (for now): The JK’s. The third-generation Wrangler was released for the 2007 model year. Along with the traditional 2-door model, a 4-door Unlimited model was released.
  • A Look at Jeep Wrangler Models Through the Years - Part II

    Let's take a look at the different Jeep Wrangler TJ models (trim packages) that were available during the 1997 to 2006 run. There were no less then 14 ... Makes you wonder if every color combination had its own model.
  • A Look at Jeep Wrangler Models Through the Years - Part I

    Ever wonder what all those Jeep Wrangler names mean? There were so many styles of Jeep Wranglers, and not all of them were just different trim levels. The Wranglers first came around in 1987, so let’s start at the beginning and take a ride through the years.

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